Wednesday 03 Jun, 2020

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Ramadan the Holy Month Begins; Believers Observes Fast on the Holy Month around the World

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The days of holy fast started around the world. The minds of believers have been adorned for a month-long fast. On completion of Sha'ban 30th Wednesday, the believers entered the holy Ramadan in heart.

Every day in the Ramanan, the eyes, the tongue, and the ears, submits minds to the Lord. It is believed that good deeds are better for Ramadan than other months.

Therefore, charity too gives importance to the Ramadan. In the night prayer, friendship and Iftar will be held by every prayers.There are several features of the month of Ramadan.

Like the month of Qur'an the Ramadan. This is the month of Lailathul Khader.

The Battle of Badr was leading in Islam history. The month when the gates of heaven will be opened and the gates of hell will be closed.

 Holy Quran recitation, Iftar gatherings, religious sermons and prayer meetings will be cantered on mosques. Pilgrims gather in Mecca and Madeena. It is believed that if you perform an Umrah in Ramadan you will get the same reward from the Haj.

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