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How to Observe Ramayana Month, Rituals

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Malayalam month of Karkkadaka had another name, sacred or Ramayana Month. So we need to recite all Ramadan this month. The month of Karkkadaka creates generally inadequacies and disturbances. The recitation of Ramayana used by the ancestors to get rid these difficulties. There are certain systems to observe Ramayana as well. You know what that is.

The Ramayanaparayam should begin from Sri Rama Rama Rama in Balakandam. You should read this part of the Balakandam before reading any portion. It should start from where the best things are described and stop where it says good things. Do not begin or stop from where war, riot, and death can describe. It is best to stop reading at the end of the event. To end recitation of the Ramayana, we must stop recapping the Ramayana epic in the end of the battlefield.

Bath and wear clean cloths.Have to wear sandal on forehead. Hook up the lamp (nilavilakku). You can put two to five flames (thiri). You shall read Ramayana to the east and to the north. Do not place the Ramayana book on the bare floor. You use cloth or mat.

 Additionally, Ramayana recitation should not be read in the evening. There is a presence of Sri Hanuman in the place which reading Ramayana. So Anjaneyan should have a seat to sit. In the evening, Sandhya is supposed to be worship for Hanuman. That is why they do not recite Ramayana that time.

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