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Rajadhi Raja Review
2 stars - based on 5 reviews

‘Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing’- that’s what ‘Rajadhiraja’ could be called, but, honestly speaking, the Mammootty starrer didn’t bore me and neither did it impress me. I am almost sure that if you ask me what ‘Rajadhiraja’ was all about a couple of months from now, I may not be able to recollect it. Yes, ‘Rajadhiraja’ is bakwas, a bit of a watchable bakwas if you go watch it without expectations, or rather if you know very well what to expect out of it. A couple of scenes into the movie and you know what all is going to follow. 100% predictable, but maybe you can suffer it, especially if you are all ready to allow yourself to be carried away by the charisma of the lead star, who plays the kind of role that actors like Vijay, Salman Khan and Sunny Deol have been playing in mass entertainers.  

Shekharan (Mammootty) is a manager at a petrol bunk, situated by the highway. He lives there with his family, which comprises of his wife Radha (Lakshmi Rai) and daughter and runs a restaurant behind the petrol bunk. Ayyappan (Joju George), who is Radha’s cousin, turns up one fine day and then on the days cease to be fine. Ayyappan is no less than a trouble maker, to everyone, especially to Shekharan. The funny guy pokes his nose into almost everything and never thinks twice before handing out punches, especially to trouble makers. This causes much of a headache to Shekharan, who is more of a peace-loving kind of guy. He would fain go plead with people not to cause trouble rather than question injustice and stand up to fight for things. Thus, when the cops take him into custody and thrash him, mistaking him for Raja, a dreaded Mumbai-based don who was reportedly shot dead by the cops, Shekharan doesn’t react. But then, things don’t end with that. Well, let me round off with that, because I am sure you can guess out what it would be like from here onwards...

That ‘Rajadhiraja’ is a mix of so many films that we have already seen, down the years, works against it. That the action sequences sometimes go overboard is another minus that needs to be pointed out. That the plot is entirely predictable, the situations and characters stereotyped and the script rather ill-written are factors that wouldn’t excite you. On the other hand, despite the predictability, the stereotyped nature of characters and sequences, the film could appease you if you know, very realistically, what to expect out of the film, if you are willing to accept average stuff in the name of ‘mass entertainer’ and if you are looking for something that’s loud, fast and just about believable.

That, in a nutshell, is what ‘Rajadhiraja’ is all about- all ‘sound and fury’, but rather mindless; but watchable if you are in the mind to accept such mindless action and average mass entertainment stuff.


Mammootty does justice to his part. No, no point at all in comparing his performance in the film to his best ones; but that he does justice to his role is beyond doubt. The others mostly appear in stereotyped roles and hence we are not much impressed with the performances in the film. Mukesh Khanna, who had earned admirers in Kerala too as Bhishma in ‘Mahabharat’ doesn’t get to do much. Raza Murad is his very usual self. Joy Mathew suits his role. Joju leaves some kind of an impact.

Technical aspects                                                                                            

Technical aspects suit the tempo and the mood of the film.


The background score suits the mood and is loud. The songs, though well-placed, are forgettable but do suit the mood of the film.


Udayakrishna and Sibi K Thomas, ever since they started writing scripts, seem to be following a set pattern and rarely do they manage to rise above this set pattern. With ‘Rajadhiraja’ too, it’s the same. The script is so formulaic and a mix of so many films that we have seen in the past; it fails to rise above the average mark...


Director Ajai Vasudev seems to be well in control; he does full justice to the script and tries to make the most of the presence of Mammootty. But, with a below-average script, there is a limit to what the director could do. Yes, of course, he could have made it into a better film with the very same script had he handled some of the scenes in a better way. Still, Ajai Vasudev seems promising, and is likely to deliver some real enjoyable movies in the months and years to come...

Verdict- Just about average, mass entertainment stuff...seems to be a mix of so many movies...watchable if you know what to expect...

Rating: 2/5

Review by : Unni R Nair

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