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Njangalude Veettile Adhithikal Review
2 stars - based on 5 reviews

Well, let me forget resemblances to other movies and take Siby Malayil’s ‘Njangalude Veettile Athithikal’ as an individual movie. The film seems just about OK, but fails to impress; it once again proves that it’s the script that makes or mars it all. In this case the script mars it all, despite the story being convincing and the key players delivering rather decent performances. The film, on the whole, fails to impress, excite or entertain...

Manoj (Jayaram) and Bhavana (Priyamani) are happily married. Manoj is a lawyer and also does some real estate business to earn some big money. Manoj, Bhavana and their daughter are on a trip, which is a family trip as well as business trip; on the way back, an accident happens that changes life for the couple...

This is the prelude part; after titles, we are taken into the plot of the movie. Manoj visits his parents (played by Innocent and KPAC Lalitha) and tells them about the issues that he is having with Bhavana. Manoj's father, a retired advocate and now a happy farmer, decides to go and hear out what Bhavana has to say about it. Bhavana’s version makes him doubt his own son. He returns, leaving it to Manoj to sort it all out.

Manoj meanwhile faces more issues from Bhavana’s side. She begins to imagine that Manoj is having affairs with other women. Meanwhile, Manoj has taken up the case of Rajan (Shajon Kalabhavan), a local goon who has reportedly murdered a woman. Bhavana’s incessant nagging on the phone makes Manoj go crazy and he fails to get Rajan out on bail. Rajan even assaults Manoj outside the court. It’s almost at the same time that Maya (Lena), an old friend of Bhavana, comes to stay in the same apartment as Manoj and Bhavana and pays Bhavana a visit. Bhavana and Maya discuss in detail the issues that bog Bhavana down.

It’s from here that the plot develops. Well, all that I’d like to say is that though the basic premise is interesting, the film on the whole turns out to be rather unimpressive. The theme has been handled in a rather clumsy manner; it could definitely have been worked out better. Had the script been better, the film would have ended up being a very interesting one. As of now, it’s just so so and quite forgettable.... So sad it comes from a director like Siby Malayil, a veteran who has delivered so many memorable movies...


Jayaram is his usual self while Priyamani suits her character. Naren is good, Shajon is impressive and all others suit their respective characters. But, on the whole, no one leaves a lasting impression as regards the performance aspect.

Technical aspects                                                                                            

Cinematography by Sameer Haq is of course good and suits the mood of the film. The others too have lent able support.


The background score jells well with the mood and the tempo of the film. Songs are just so so and almost forgettable...


K Gireesh Kumar, who has done the script, is to take the blame. The film goes all wrong due to poor scripting. Otherwise it would have been interesting watch....


Siby Malayil, the veteran that he is, is in control of things. But with a script that’s just about average, he could perhaps do nothing to make the film impressive.

Verdict- Unimpressive; poor scripting mars it all....Forgettable!!!

Rating: 2/5

Review By : Unni R Nair

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