Interview With Actor Rejath Menon

The Young And Talented Actor Rejath Menon Opens His Mind To The Readers Of ‘Kerala9.Com’

  • You had a chocolate boy image in your debut movie ‘Goal’. But when it comes to ‘Sevenes’ as well as ‘Dr.Love’, you have changed your appearance a lot. Was it intentional…?

“Well, it was my decision, I would say. In fact, the platform for implementing that decision was apt in those movies. My character in ‘Sevenes’ was a local rough and tough guy. So to get into that character I started growing my beard and hair. Also in ‘Dr.Love’, my villainous role was boosted with this appearance. All that was done extra was that I have put a lens and wore stylish costumes. The directors encouraged these changes and hence the new me.”

  • The viewers and readers are more eager to know about your past. How was your entry to the lime light of cinema?

“It was quite unexpected. I went to see the shooting of Kamal sir’s ‘Karuthapakshikal’ and from there I came to meet his assistant Sugeeth sir. He offered me a chance. Within months there was an audition for the movie ‘Goal’. To be frank, I was 101% sure that I won’t get selected. I had never faced camera before. Except some school dramas, I have never tried acting professionally. What I had with me was my passion for acting. The moment I heard that I was selected, I was just out of the world. I always feel that I am lucky to debut in Kamal sir’s film.”

  • ‘Goal’ and ‘Sevenes’- both these films are strongly related to football. So what connection do you have with football? In the recent future if another film comes within the theme of football, can Malayalees expect Rajath Menon playing an important role in it?

 “I could never say it…! I am not a person who searches for an element of football while reading the script. Actually, I don’t have any special connection with football. I play almost all sports and games. It’s really coincidental that both these films have relation with football.”

  • It’s crystal clear that you are a person with good passion for sports. You being selected in the ‘Kerala Strikers’ cricket team makes it more clear. You are getting a good platform to express your caliber in sports. How do you manage this sports- profession balance?

 “I am really happy to be a part of ‘Kerala Strikers’. We are really happy that the owners gave us a chance. More over this is a ground for us to stay physically fit. The major plus point is that we can build better relations among our co-actors. It also provides an opportunity to meet other prominent personalities in various other industries.”

  • After debuting as an actor you took a long break for completing your studies. Besides being an actor, what was your aim?

 “I became an actor while I was doing my engineering and I am a Mechanical Engineer now. I decided to complete my studies first and then focus on to cinema. So if I was not an actor, you could have seen me doing an engineering related profession. I am also doing MBA of Sikkim Manipal University. Right now, cinema is my first priority.”

  •  What’s tricky regarding your name?

 “Well, my actual name is Rajith Menon. But I received the award in the name Rajath Menon. Many people call me as Rajath and Ranjith. I found it awkward. So instead of correcting all those people, I decided to correct myself. So I changed my name as Rejath Menon. That’s all.”

  • What’s your dream role?

            “There is no such dream role for me. For me doing good characters in good films, and thereby being part of movies liked by the people is the most important thing. I try my level best to bring out varieties.”

  • You have done two films with Chakkochan- ‘Dr.Love’ and ‘Sevenes’. How do you find working with him?

            “There is no need of me describing about Chakkochan. He is such a ‘down to earth’ personality. He is quite simple that he never behaves as a senior actor even to the newcomers like me. He is too supportive in all aspects. He comes for outing and even plays with us.”

  • You and Nithya Menon paired in I V Sasi’s ‘Vellathooval’. Now she is having some issues with the producers and has been banned from acting. What do you have to say regarding this?

            “I am not the person to comment on it. It’s her personal matter. What happened in between them has to be sort out by themselves. Anyway I don’t think there is a need for involving in a matter which I don’t know in detail.”

  •  What are the unique talents of Rejath Menon?

           “Ow, I don’t even don’t know that if I have any unique talents. But still I think that the belief in God, which is the driving force in me, is my strength. I also have the support of my parents and relatives. I just know that I am ready to do anything, dance or stunt. This may also be considered as my plus point if needed.”

  • What’s your new project?

            “Rajasenan sir’s ‘Innanu Aa Kalyanam’ is my new film. It will get released by the end of this month or November first week.”

Wishing you a great way ahead…!

Interview by : Vimal
Indian Webcasting Media
October 10th, 2011          

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