Innanu Aa Kalyanam Review

Innanu Aa Kalyanam Review

Directed by :  Rajasenan
Produced by : Geevarghese Yohannan
Screenplay by:  Rajasenan,Baharuddin
Story by : Sarath Vayalar
Starring : Rajat Menon,Saranya Mohan,Malavika Wales,Roshan

Review By : Thanseer M.A /

Innana Kalyanam is about two friends who study in KMCT College for Engineering; Neelima by Malavika and Aisha by Saranya Mohan act as these characters. Karthik by Rajat Menon comes from a poor family and is a student in the same college. Karthik loves Aisha, while Neelima loves Karthik. Film tells the story how these characters absolve their misunderstanding and what will happen in the end.


From the height of Malayalam filmdom, Rajasenan has fallen off. He has been making flops for a long time now. What was the thing which made him the king of comedy capers? Script from eminent like Rafi Mecartin.

Rajasenan is a good director, but viewers have changed a lot. They are getting world class entertainment and we have to match it to compete those. Even our local soda has to compete to Pepsi; Masala Dosa with Pizza.

The film which is told in the backdrop of family and campus is at best an average show. If Neelima said about her love to Karthik there will be no story. So the thread is stretched to maximum that it broke in the beginning itself. Even her friend Aisha won’t be allowed to say it just because the film will end.


Rejath Menon is good. He has got natural acting talent but needs some good films to get more attention. Sarnya Mohan has acted well.

Malavika is looking fresh as a daisy. She has great similarity with actress Sindu Menon. Jagathy seems to be overacting in this time of subtle acting. Bindu Panicker, Suraj Venjaramood, Indrans, Maniyan Pillai Raju and Saikumar are ok. Mamukoya appears in a 2 scenes. Roshan who acted as Kunjumon has a catchy face and has acted well.

Camera: Nothing much from Vinod Illamballi. The jib shots taken were amateurish.

Music:  No peppy numbers from Bijibal.

Script and dialogue by Rajasenan suits the film well.

Innana Kalyanam has nothing, not even a problem which needs attention.

Verdict – 1 week

Rating : 2/5


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