Cowboy Malayalam Movie Review

Cowboy Malayalam Movie Review

Producer- K. Anil Mathew

Director- P.Balachandra Kumar

Cast- Asif Ali, Master Pankaj Krrishna, Bala, Sai Kumar, Jagathy, Khushboo, Mydhily, Lena, Kalashala Babu, Indrans, Suresh Pre

Music- Berny Ignatious

Background score- Rajamani

Review by:Unni R Nair ( )

Well, let me begin with the title. In the context of the movie that you get to see, what does ‘Cowboy’ mean? One of the key characters in the film give a never-before kind of definition for the word ‘cowboy’ and you are left wondering if it really is so. Well, if indeed ‘cowboy’ refers to someone who’s reckless, you’d tend to be one by the time the film ends. Yes, ‘Cowboy’ would drive you mad and reckless…

Vinay (Asif) lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with his parents. His father (Kalasala Babu) is totally against him and his ways. That Vinay runs a pub named ‘Cowboy’ makes his father comment that he makes a living by shamelessly running a brothel. Vinay’s sister Veena (Lena) and brother-in-law Mohan (Irshad), who also live in Kuala Lumpur, have no love for him.

When ‘Cowboy’ begins, Veena and Mohan are set to arrive from India. Their son Pankaj (Master Pankaj Krisshna) is in Singapore and Vinay gets set to take Pankaj to the airport in Mohan’s expensive car, hand over the kid and the car to Veena and Mohan and come back. But on the way, Vinay is forced to chase and fight two guys who try to steal Pankaj’s diamond necklace. Vinay in action is what catches the fancy of an Indian Police Officer Xavier (Bala), who happens to pass by. Xavier then takes Pankaj hostage and threatens to kill him if Vinay doesn’t do what he wants him to do. Xavier wants Vinay to kill someone. He hands Vinay a gun and asks him to go to a hotel, where his target is. Xavier himself would be there, he is told. Vinay finds that his ‘target’ is Revathy Menon (Khushboo), the external affairs minister of India. So, what happens then forms the rest of the plot…

Well, nothing new about the film, but still it could have been watchable if it was written, directed and acted out stylishly. ‘Cowboy’ as it is, is totally flawed. Bad scripting, poor direction, performances that are not up to the mark and a totally flawed execution makes the film insufferable. In fact, as I sit typing out this review, I wonder if at all the film needs a review in the first place. No, maybe!!


The only person who impresses a bit at least is Khushboo. The rest of them, including Asif, turn out to be unimpressive and it’s the writer and the director who are to take the blame. They could have made a slick action flick with the same cast, had it been shot differently.

Technical aspects

Nothing much to say about the technical aspects of the film. It’s all below average.


Background score is so loud and totally out of place that you sometimes have to strain to hear the dialogues. Rather than enhancing the tempo, the music kills the whole thing. Same about the song department too.


A totally hopeless script- that’s all I feel like saying. Had it been a good script (with of course good direction), the film would have been worth a watch.


Poor show, Balachandra Kumar. It’s totally unimpressive…

Verdict- Total waste of time and money…

Rating: 0.5/5

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