Puthiya Mukham Review

Director : Deepan

Producer : Anil Mathew,S.Murugan

Cast : Prithviraj, Bala, Priyamani, Meera Nandan etc.

Story,Screenplay,Dialogues : M.Sindhuraj

Music : Deepak Dev

Review By : Unni

Director Deepan’s second movie ‘Puthiya Mukham’ is very much different and better than his debut film, ‘Leader’. An action flick on the main, ‘Puthiya Mukham’ tells the story of a young Brahmin guy named Krishnakumar (Prithviraj), who comes to do his graduation in engineering in a college in Kochi. Krishnakumar, who is of a peaceful disposition and a lover of percussion music (he plays the ‘mridangam’ well), is in love with Sreedevi (Meera Nandan). Their love has the approval of elders too. Anyhow, with Krishnakumar making his entry into the campus, things take a drastic change. Anjana (Priyamani), the daughter of a Police Officer (Vijayaraghavan) with all kinds of illicit dealings, makes her entry into his life. And now Krishnakumar finds a tough enemy in Sudhi (Bala), who is a real goonda kind of guy and who is engaged to Anjana too. From here ‘Puthiya Mukham’ takes off as an action flick.

‘Puthiya Mukham’ is an out and out action flick, made to exploit and boost the star image of Prithviraj, who’s gone all trendy with his six pack and new looks. It’s Prithviraj and Prithviraj alone who dominates the whole proceedings. The film will appeal to those who look for action, of course non-stop action. And there is of course a bit of humour (courtesy Guinness Pakru) and some romance too, but it’s action in the main and Prithviraj’s one man show to some extent too. But the film doesn’t bore us at any point.


Prithviraj is indeed good show as Krishnakumar and the actor performs with ease the two stages in his character’s life. He comes out with flying colours in the action sequences. Bala too has done his character in a convincing manner. Priyamani is good and Meera Nandan, though she hasn’t got much to do, too is good. The others in the cast suit their respective roles and there is nothing negative to jot about the performances.
Technical aspects

The technical aspects of ‘Puthiya Mukham’ are all very much in sync with the mood of the film. The cinematography and editing are the highpoints among the technical aspects.


Songs, especially “Picha vacha naal muthal …” and ‘Yadhukula murali…”, are good while the other ones are just average. The background score suits the mood and tempo of the film.


M.Sindhuraj, the writer of many movies, has done a real good work of the script. Of course the film is no class film, but it is a watchable action flick. The scriptwriter needs to be appreciated for having penned the script to suit an action flick with the focus on Prithviraj.


Deepan has bettered a lot compared to his debut film. This time he seems to be well in control of the proceedings. You may wonder and even criticize that the action has perhaps exceeded limits, but it seems Diphan and his crew wanted to deliver exactly that and they have succeeded in that.

Overall verdict- For young blood!

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