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Producer : N. Shiv Rao
Director : Nishad. M.A
Cast : Pasupathy,Meera Vasudev,Dhanya Mary,Suresh Gopi etc
Music : M.Jayachandran
Cinematography : Sanjeev Shankar
Story : Nishad. M.A
Screenplay,dialogues : Cherian Kalpakavvadi

Review by : Unni /
Rating : 3/5

In keeping with his first two films (‘Pakal’ and ‘Nagaram’), Nishad.M.A (whose third film was ‘Ayudham’) delivers yet another movie with a message to convey. ‘Vairam’, Nishad’s fourth film, narrates a good story in a convincing manner.

‘Vairam’ focuses on the woes of the parents of a young girl, Vairamani (Dhanya Mary), who’s brutally raped and then thrown into a well and killed. Sivarajan (Pasupathy), Vairamani’s father, has been a bank manager and Devi (Meera Vasudev), her mother a housewife. Their world revolved around Vairamani and they loved her much, like any other parents. And hence they are shattered when she is raped and killed. When Sivarajan comes to know that it was Thalikkulam Josekutty (Jayasurya) who did this, he sets out and finds Josekutty and kills him. And when the trial begins, he doesn’t defend himself and consequently is awarded life imprisonment. When Sivarajan is taken out of court, he is attacked by a group of goons and lynched, almost to death. It is from here that ‘Vairam’ begins. And then, a young journalist Annie Jacob (Samvritha Sunil) sets out to bring out Sivarajan’s story and let the world know what had befallen Sivarajan and his family. Advocate Ravi Varma (Suresh Gopi), who was the crown counsel for Sivarajan, does all that he could too. Then comes in Crime Branch S.P Thomas Eeraly (Mukesh), who investigates it all afresh. It all moves to a well executed climax.


Pasupathy delivers an excellent performance as Sivarajan and wins our appreciation and touches our hearts. Suresh Gopi is his very usual self. Mukesh does a convincing job. Jayasurya impresses us as Josekutty. Dhanya Mary (of ‘Thalappavu’ fame) is good as Vairamani. Meera Vasudev is good. Thilakan and KPAC Lalitha are first rate. All the others in the cast have done justice to their respective roles.

Technical aspects

Cinematography (by Sanjeev Shankar), art work (by Gireesh Menon) and editing (by Samjith) are very much in sync with the mood and the theme of the film.


Gireesh Puthencherry and M.Jayachandran have teamed up once again to give us some good songs, the best of them being “Vennilavu…”, rendered soulfully by Yesudas. Rajamani has done an excellent job of the background score.


Cherian Kalpakavvadi, who has scripted many notable movies, mainly for directors Venu Nagavalli and Mohan, delivers a well balanced script, which forms the real strength of ‘Vairam’.


Nishad .M.A seems to be bettering himself as a director with every movie. It’s good to see that he is totally in control of things and has done a neat job in ‘Vairam’. Congrats, Nishad for delivering a well-intentioned movie.

Overall verdict- Good performances, message well conveyed.
Rating: 3/5

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