The Knot Waits For Them At Mumbai…!!!

Yes… It’s all set now… The clouds are rolling… The climate is chilling… The rain comes soon… The rain of happiness… It will soon change their deserted lives into a beautiful flower garden…!!!

And this is new… This garden will be set up in Mumbai…!

The glamour queen of south India, Nayan Thara and the actor-director-choreographer, the one who shot to fame with his unique dance moves, Prabhu Deva finally unites at Mumbai, as per the reports.

The Nayan-Prabhu issue is a burning topic in the south Indian film world recently. Prabhu Deva, who led a married life with his ex-wife Ramlatha and their children, got their relationship divorced by mutual concern just before few weeks. Also Prabhu Deva has started giving the alimony he promised to them. At first, he paid her Rs. 10 lakhs. He has also transferred a farmhouse and a 22 cent property to the name of Ramlatha and their two sons Rishi and Aditya. Along with a property in Hyderabad, a flat in Anna Nagar will also be transferred to their names. Prabhu Deva is now busy with Sonakshy Sinha and Akshay Kumar for ‘ROWDY RATHODE’ and he is also doing ‘VEDI’ in Tamil.

Another important finding is that ‘Nayan Thara’ is gonna stop acting…??? She has been remaining vegetarian for a long time to dedicate herself for her Telugu movie ‘SRIRAMA RAJYAM’; MAYBE SHE KNEW IT WAS HER LAST FILM…??? Anyway leave it to them… But the news is that on the last day of the shoot, she got emotional on the sets..! The unit members showered flowers on the actress to express their gratitude. Nayan couldn’t control herself and shed tears.

Now both of them have cleared their sides. The only question left is about the venue of their marriage. As said earlier, reports from reliable sources drops us a clue that the ‘TYING THE KNOT’ ceremony will be held at Mumbai. It also help the celebrities to avoid the paparazzi rush upto a limit.

What can we do now..? Console Ramlatha and their children..? Or wish these couples a “Happy married life”…? That’s upto you…

By Vimal / Indian Webcasting Media

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