Virgin Bhanupriya Movie Review

Virgin Bhanupriya review


•Language: HINDI.

•Duration: 01 Hour 52 Minutes.












ONE WORD: Another disaster in the list of worst Bollywood films. 


Virgin Bhanupriya tells the story of Bhanupriya Awasthi who dream to find a man of her dreams and breaks her virginity. One day a prophetess makes a prediction that she won’t be able to break her virginity in life. By the annoyed prediction, she decides to overcome her bad luck. Rest and the story further tells her various ways to break her virginity. 

Firstly to begin with, from direction to the screenplay most of the things in the movie don’t turn accurately as the makers aimed to execute. To make it clear ‘Virgin Bhanupriya’ is one of the most pathetic films I had ever watched in my entire life. With a stupid concept, the makers had tried their best to ruin the time of the viewers. 

The story and direction held by Ajay Lohan is the first worst part of the film. The story was totally insane and brainless for a feature film, also with an upsetting screenplay; the whole film was a mess of foolishness. As a comedy oriented film, the priority goes for humour but here whatever the comedies they had made for the movie resulted out substandard and to be honest I didn’t see anything funny or entertaining. 

The saddest thing about the movie is it lacks a proper storyline and end into a tedious disastrous situation in all manner. While watching everyone can notice that all of the targeted factors in the film is so overly cliched and over-much conceit also thus heist genre will give a clear idea that the film is completely making a parody of itself. It is also visible that all the expected tropes are there, but the film offers nothing else new or more to peak the audience’s interest.

The major drawback of the film is the situations portraying in the film, it doesn’t satisfy with any sort of believability and also the predictable way of storytelling throws the movie into an extent level of disjointness. The screenplay was filled with the factors of love, friendship, situational comedies, parenthood, romance, betrayal etc and sadly none of these aimed factors hasn’t worked out genuinely to show it’s depth. Similarly overdramatic and exaggeration of numerous situations is also a major problem associated with the half baked screenplay. 

As a modern time-oriented film many adult comedies have been coming in Bollywood films and some of them are enjoyable too but this one is actually making a kind of fun or a mockery of its own by the dumb storyline. The whole storyline is certainly an insult to the morality of women; no one can see a kind of women is searching for various men to break her virginity. As the makers are haunted with these sex and virginity factors they had completely forgotten about a proper quality of filmmaking and subsequently, there was not even a single thing of entertainment while coming across the comedies. 

Importantly the way the director had written the life of the central character is also boring. The parents of Urvashi Rautela was utterly disgusting, there was no proper characterisation. The personalities of parenthood we’re never seen in them and the gimmicks they had exhibited as comedies was too exhausting to watch. Also, the life and the written way of central character Bhanupriya is deprived of depth and intensity. Whatever she thinks and do doesn’t have any proper justifications and all her steps in life look crappie, none of the audience can justify it. 

Looking at the dialogues most of the conversation was overdramatic especially when it comes to the crucial scenes. The dialogue guess written for the emotional scene looks funny, none of the words we’re having a sentimental approach also those portrayals of funny situations looks wired. Moreover the overdose use of foul languages we’re totally disturbing also embarrassing to hear. Melodramatic way of writing the dialogues had also made ’Virgin Bhanupriya’ uninteresting. 

It’s odd to say but director Ajay Lohan should learn the basic elements in film making. His making was too monotonous and the whole movie had affected it, resulting as one of the worst films of 2020. Literally, it was like a big-budget Bhojpuri film, none of the components has logic simply making and compelling the viewers to believe it’s a Bollywood film. He has the potential but should learn the basic principles of filmmaking and facts of experiences. 

Coming to the performance of actors none of them had shown justice. I am not getting why did Urvashi Rautela choose this film and also her performance doesn’t have anything special or interesting. Her looks were good and rest at the romantic scenes and emotional scenes the acting was average. The actor who had done the father role was unbearable and his acting never matched the characteristics of a loving father. Archana Puran Singh as the mother was also exactly like mentioned above. Rumana Molla as the friend had also delivered a poor performance, her jokes and her anger was repulsive to watch. Rajiv Gupta as Vijay who had made for making up the comedies looks ridiculous. Gautam Gulati’s show of muscles and six-pack was the only good thing about him and when comes to the acting his performances are unacceptable. 

The musical work composed by Chirrantan Bhatt, Ramji Gulati, Amjad Nadeem Aamir and Saurabh-Vaibhav was mediocre. The track”Dil Apni Haddon Se” was only good because of its voice of the singer. Virgin Bhanupriya – Title Track” composed by Saurabh-Vaibhav and sung by Dev Negi was disappointing. The song”Beat Pe Thumka” was good for wedding scenarios and the beats were fine. Sadly, the background score in the film was too bad. The most annoying part of the background score was the crap tunes used at the time of comedy scenes. As a comedy film, it’s fine to use these tunes but for each and every comedy scenes they were unnecessarily adding and made the worst irritation to hear. The background score at the emotional scene also looks too filmy like of a teleserial type offering overdramatic. The cinematography of Johny Lal was good with normal frames, nothing great. Some visuals of Goa was captured perfectly. The editing of Akshay Mohan was also ok; some mismatches were here and there at the cuts. 

So overall Virgin Bhanupriya doesn’t offer anything new, the movie had given a dissatisfying experience in all manners because of its terrible storyline and miserable making. I won’t recommend this film to anyone; rather it’s a complete waste of time, better to skip it for saving your time and energy. 


• RATING: 1/5.