The Old Guard Movie Review

Review for The Old Guard

Review for The Old Guard:

Release Date: 10 July 2020. 

 •Language: ENGLISH. 

•Duration: 02 Hour 06 Minutes.













•ONE WORD: A fascinating fantasy that never gonna regret, simply brilliant. 


The Old Guard portrays the story of five immortals Andy, Nile Freeman, Booker, Joe and Nicky who has the ability to heal themselves from any accidents. Soon they came to know someone is after their life to have their secret, the rest of the story unfolds their fights to save their freedom. 

First of all the concepts of fantasy idea which comes to the screen have bigger chances of getting awful ether by the making or by those ideas lead by the makers but here it’s different, honestly speaking ‘The Old Gaurd’ offers everything brilliant in all aspects, even for the kind of people who aims to make negatives. 

The direction by Gina Prince-Bythewood stands to the extreme level of masterly making which shines to give the sort of a different cinematic experience. The fantasy idea by the maker which was mixed up for a thriller action film doesn’t give any sort of confusing elements and that particular glow in the direction is the foremost winning success of this film. The passionate direction by the maker according to the plot deserves a special mention, none of the targeted factors we’re diverted. Firmly an equal balance of control on both the direction and screenplay resulted in an exclusive way of witness in the screen. 

The plot has resemblances when contrasting with many other fantasy-oriented or supernatural stories and here to nothing particularly innovative but still, the storyline has some interesting schemes to get intensified. Turning to look into the screenplay the amazing written works of story origin, terrific actions, fascinating fantasy ideas, heartbreaking betrayals and satisfying end for a potential sequel proves that the writers had penned down their best efforts to make this film a perfect choice for every audience. 

The written dialogues were totally clever because conversations lead by the characters in the film were absolutely strong so that each and every character was having a rigid soulful momentum, that can surely dominate the audience to engage in the film. Also, the dialogues were really attentive, the contriving words especially at the emotional scenes and also during the actions will conspire every viewer to apprehend the feel and vibe of its mood. 

Another peculiar highlight of the film is its action, from beginning to the end the blazing action sequences from every character was maintaining the smash of its core to an extent to continue its impact. Nothing seemed exaggerated according to the story, the adequate implementation of powerful actions was a treat to watch also the compact action sequences was executed on a manner of immediacy like the one we see in John Wick series, thrilling completely. 

A small gloomy part of the movie was the character development, the individual stories of main characters would have been developed more. The origin life of central characters were lacking depth to show their personalities, instead of words describing their past the director could have been opting to visualise those life for better understandings. 

Coming to the cast Charlize Theron as Andy was magnificent, she made the movie to a whole new stunning level. Her impressive style, the way she unrolls the actions, the manner she delivers the dialogue and the method she gets into the character was simply wonderful. Kiki Layne as Nile had also done a great job, the combo scenes with Charlize Theron was great and when it comes to the action she just nailed by her movements. Matthias Schoenaerts as Booker delivered a classy performance, his emotional scenes were superb also the action sequences were excellent. Marwan Kenzari as Joe and Luca Marinelli as Nicky relinquished an incredible combo show throughout the film. Both of them were badass and their combination was cracking up with best actions, humour and sorrows. Chiwetel Ejiofor as Copley and Joey Ansah as Keane did complete justice to their respective supporting characters. Harry Melling also shines at his negative shade character. 

A real backbone of a thriller action film will be its technical division and nothing gets flattened here. The entire technical aspects were first-rate, the Cinematography of Barry Ackroyd was breathtaking in all manner. His various camera movements were classical, especially when it comes to the action scenes, the high angle shots during the fights was imposing to a great level. The compact shots deserve huge applause also the beautiful frames of outer skirts of nomadic places were captured perfectly. Next the master Editing of Terilyn A. Shropshire, everything thing was fantastic. The cuts were crisp particularly at the action scenes, none of the scenes in the movie hasn’t given any sort of mismatches. The pre-eminent musical work by Volker Bertelmann and Dustin O’Halloran took the movie to a new magnitude, the background score was sterling matching to set the scenes. Also, some of the few tracks felt different to hear. All the heads behind who had choreographed the awesome action sequences also deserve special mention.

So to conclude  ’The Old Guard’ had given me a spectacular viewing experience in all aspects, the movie offers the best components of terrific actions with a quality storyline which won’t disappoint anyone. Charlize Theron and her team is a treat to watch, never miss it. 


RATING: 4/5.