Virus Malayalam Movie Review

Virus Malayalam Movie Review

(Spoiler Free)

•Language: Malayalam.
•Genre: Medical Thriller.
•Duration: 02 Hours 32 Minutes.
•Theatre: Lenin Cinemas Trivandrum.
•Status: 60%.


1: Direction
2: Story
3: Screenplay & Dialogues.
4: Performance of Actors.
5: Cinematography.
6: Music and Background Score.

Nothing to mention.

ONE WORD: A movie of Fear, Fight and Survival, must watch.


The real-life tragedy occurs in Kozhikode, a city of Kerala affecting a viral disease called ‘Nipah’. Therefore, several courageous people stand to fight to get survive against this virus. Rest of the story revolves around the team fight to survive.


The movie is directed by the hitmaker and Ashiqu Abu and the story, screenplay and dialogues are written by Mushin Parari, Sharfu and Suhas.

The direction and its execution of the director Aashiq Abu are always different and it was earlier seen from his previous movies. Likewise in the movie Virus, he had directed with a brilliant making style to implement an outstanding medical thriller.

The story, screenplay and dialogues of Mushin Parari, Sharfu and Suhas was fantastic because they had carefully and neatly written the various events which happened during the time of Nipah Virus in Calicut city. The difficulties suffered by the patients, the struggles of doctors and the medical team to fight against the disease, the sorrows of families etc was written down authentically to show the real image of this disaster.

The director Aashiq Abu had successfully accomplished to end the movie with his unique making style according to the plot. The entire direction was as per the story with complete justice to pass the impact of this tragical incident for the viewers. The emotions such as fear, anxiety, sorrow, struggle etc were genuinely seen in the movie by the direction and also by the writing. Therefore the makers had completely won to pass the feel of these various moments which deserves a huge applause.

The way of presentation from the present scene connecting to flashback scenes with emotional outlines and fear factors was implemented rightfully. Also, the storyline was moving at a fast pace and converge from time to time resulting in a first-rate direction and writing in the sense that such a complex medical story was told without any sort of confusing and boring factors.

Importantly the screenplay was having the combined factors of deep sentiments, struggles, fight to prevent, death, survival etc so eventually the writers had given a masterly effort to finish these elements in their writings also doesn’t affect to lose the engaging grasp and vibe of the movie. Moreover, the director had also effectively used the acting talent of the huge star cast which was a treat to watch.

Coming to the dialogues, the whole conversations lead by the characters had emerged as rigid and powerful because each and every conversation from beginning to end was having the true soulful momentum and heartfelt energy to build the impact of the story which will surely contrive the audience to engage within the film. Also, the dialogues were having the feel of eager and anxiety to know what is next which makes the viewer’s tet thrilled and observant.

Therefore without any hesitation, I would say that the whole winning credits of this film are made by the director Ashiq Abu and by the writers Mushin Parari, Sharfu and Suhas by their extraordinary attempt to make a magnificent medical thriller that one should not miss from theatres.


The movie Virus comes with a high star casting which includes Kunchacko Bobban, Tovino Thomas, Indrajith Sukumaran, Asif Ali, Soubin Shahir, Jojo George, Rahman, Dileesh Pothan, Sreenath Bhasi, Indrans, Sharafudhen, Rima Kallingal, Parvathy, Revathi, Madonna Sebastian, Remya Nambeeshan, Poornima Indrajith, Leona Lishoy, Sajitha Madathil joins in the casting.

The entire actors behind the movie Virus had worked as a real team to make this movie to end as an extraordinary film. Complete justice was done by every actor. The screen space was less and moderate for most the actors but their presence through their various characters had given them some best characters in their career.

Sreenath Bhasi as Abid who played the junior doctor role did an excellent performance. The characteristic quality of a junior doctor was superb and the combination scenes with Madonna Sebastian was emotional.

Kunchacko Bobban as Dr.Suresh Rajan did a monumental performance. His doctor character was crucial in the movie and he had given his best. Rahman as Dr.Salim also performed well on his part. Indrajith as Dr.Baburaj was performed in the best way to deliver serious performance. His acting and his dialogue delivery were really impressive.

Tovino Thomas as Paul.V. Abraham also did a notable performance. His speech for the ambulance drivers was excellent with his bright acting. The outlook and qualities of a District Collector were safer in his hands.

Jojo George as Babu who played the attender character did terrific acting. The emotional scenes were amazing especially with his family and with doctors. Senthil Krishna also made an admirable performance.

Asif Ali’s emotional scene and as a patient did a first-class performance and Sharafudhen as the husband of Rima Kallingal was great. Soubin Shahir as Unnikrishnan did a superlative acting and his emotional scenes deserve a big thumbs up.

Poornima Indrajith as Smrithi Bhaskar who played the Health Service Director made an incredible performance and Parvathi as Anu also done total justice to her character. Her combination scene with Jinu Joseph was good and her acting on findings of various cases was authentic. Rima Kallingal as Akhila who played the Nurse character did an emotional performance and Revathi as the minister C.K Prameela also done her part well with in-depth performance as a true minister.


The musical work of the movie is composed by Sushin Shyam, without any songs but he made a predominant work on the background score.

The background score tuned by Suhin Shyam was on another winning level because the total BGM tunes were sinking perfectly for every scene. If a scene demands fear, he had given the accurate BGM to give terror, likewise if another scene demands sorrow he gives the right sentimental tunes. So through his background score, the movie was having the precise tunes to sense the impact of the scenarios. The tunes in the title track were also different with vivid feel.

The Cinematography is handled by thr veteran cameraman Rajeev Ravi and also additional cinematography is done by Shyju Khalid. The hospital scenes were captured magically with the appropriate visuals. The shots of the patients and their disease were captured adequately which gives the fear for viewers. The inside forest scene was also magical with a fast moving track shots. The editing of the movie is performed by Saiju Sreedharan which was totally crisp and clear, the cuts were sharp and doesn’t give any sort of mismatches in the viewing experience.


So overall the movie Virus had given me an outstanding experience and as a medical thriller, Virus is something different than a viewers imagination.

As an original tragic incident happened in our Kerala everyone should watch this masterly medical thriller to witness and understand the seriousness and case of ‘Nipah’.

•RATING: 5/5.