The Great Indian Kitchen Movie Review: A brilliant realistic portrayal of true life

the great indian kitchen movie review 1


•Language: MALAYALAM.

•Duration: 01 HOUR 41 MINUTES.












1: Lack of some background score. 

ONE WORD: A brilliant realistic portrayal of true life. 


When a marriage gets over a women turns into a wife but for some family, they turn into a submissive wife for her husband and family. The Great Indian Kitchen is a film which portrays the story of a struggling wife and how her life changes also how her mind changes describe the rest of the story. 

The movie is directed by Jeo Baby who is well known for the works like The Little God, 2 Penkuttikal and Kilometres and Kilometres, comes this time with an excellent realistic craft titled as The Great Indian Kitchen. As a writer also Jeo Baby had done an excellent job to make this movie as a memorable one. First of all, I will say here making is the king and writing is the queen so no words to describe how the director had crafted this film beautifully according to the realistic way which is closer to what we can see in real life. The story is quite simple, daily household hard works of a housewife but what the film is trying to say through this simple storyline is that how much is their difficulties, how they are treated and what they want, these things are important and does matter. For most of the men, this above-mentioned storyline will be simple but when a man comes to their household doing position they can surely understand how there life is going and how much pain they carry, therefore the point is, this amazing film will teach the man to realise and accept. 

What I loved is the making, from cuts to cuts showing all the kitchen works and making the viewers realise how hard a housewife suffers in the kitchen. All their jobs do look easier for most of the men but that’s not what’s the truth is, they are struggling and for them, those struggles are the duty but still the word ’respect’ and ’care’ is something which needs to give in return and this is what The Great Indian Kitchen is all about, the stunning narration of true life. Through the best writing and amazing making, I am sure that this movie will make most of the men to rethink because the movie is completely influential from the beginning to the end. There are many moments in the film which helps to recognize how married life should go and on what terms, the clear cut making and effective writing of the screenplay do create a big impact on these above mentioned moments and the nature of this implementation is a lesson for every husband.  

The next biggest winning element of this film is the significant use of casting, all the characters that come and goes did a terrific job. Nimisha Sajayan steals the complete show by her remarkable acting. Also, the director had lustrously used her unique way of talent acting skills and it’s completely evident on the screen. All those emotions she uses to express cannot be called as acting its the pure skill of behaving, yea she was completely living as a character. Suraj Venjaramoodu also did another best performance, will certainly find a place among his best characters, genuinely lived as the character. There are many other supporting characters and everyone had given complete justice to their respective roles also the director had authentically used these characters to make this film more compelling. A genuine signature of a true filmmaker was seen in the writings when building every character and the way he had brought them to the screen was natural and credible not a single character was felt unwanted. 

The director had also done another notable job which truly needs to mention, selection or best cinematography, editing and sound design. When all these factors team up and if they have the best result it will be beautiful than our imagination, yes that’s what happened in The Great Indian Kitchen. The cinematography was unbelievable, the frames and shots tell the story, every single frame has something to say. The undertaking of various camera movements in various angles was taken radiantly and won’t let our eyes to take off. Next to the sound design, it was a complete package of many genuine realistic sounds. All those sound in a busy kitchen was felt like the sounds we use to hear in our day to day life, nothing gets absurd also this best effort of the sound designer had helped the movie to become more realistic. Finally, to the editing, completely crisp and clear, each cut, especially at the beginning, were incredible also no kind of mismatches was felt throughout the film. 

The interesting element which worked is the writing of the screenplay. The screenplay is grasping also the gripping moments they had worked out on the writing is interesting and engaging to watch. While watching at the very beginning it’s all about various sudden shots and cuts so the writing takes its desired time to establish for getting into the actual plot which was different and distinct to watch. Sometimes at these beginning, some viewers at the opening can feel like a documentary type of travel that too with some lag but when getting closer to the content the movie and story gets deeper and the kind of struggling emotion that we take as simple will become closer to our hearts. 

Therefore to conclude ’The Great Indian Kitchen’ is a movie that offers many questions to discuss also it gives and shows many inner life politics belonging to family, religions, freedom, sex and even love. I am sure the audience will be ending up with two different sides and choice of both sides is all upon the individuals. What the makers had intended and what they had targeted to express is clear, now it’s the turn of the audience whether to agree or not. So do watch this remarkable execution, won’t disappoint anyone, and never miss it. 


RATING: 4/5.