Thamasha Review : A beautiful romantic journey to the life ‘Sreeni’

thamasha movie review

(Spoiler Free)

•Language: Malayalam.
•Genre: Romantic Comedy Drama.
•Duration: 02 Hours
•Theatre: Carnival Cinemas Kollam
•Status: 60%


1: Direction
2: Story
3: Screenplay & Dialogues.
4: Performance of Actors.
5: Cinematography.
6: Music and Background Score.

Nothing to mention.

•ONE WORD: A beautiful romantic journey to the life ‘Sreeni’.

•STORY IDEA: Thamasha tells the story of a professor named Sreeni who is unmarried. The plot revolves around his love and his life.


The movie ‘Thamasha’ is directed by the newcomer Ashraf Hamza who also handles the story and screenplay. The movie is produced by Sameer Thahir, Shyju Khalid, Lijo Jose Pellissery and Chemban Vinod.

First of all the director, Ashraf Hamza deserves a huge applause for his extraordinary directional work. The way he executed the movie had given a fresh feel-good presence which is a treat for every kind if viewers to watch on this Eid. A simple story was directed brilliantly without making any sort of confusing elements. His entire direction was passionate and also he had neatly directed according to the core of the story and screenplay which maintained to give the impact till the end.

The story written by the director is something we had seen before but the factors he included in the romantic track of the film will show the different perspectives of behaviour if he or she is not fare or fat. Interfering on others life and its effect was genuinely written by the director. The social things which the movie was authentic and gives a good lesson to remember.

The screenplay was having combined factors of real sentiments, romance, friendship, struggles, humour, sorrows, etc, therefore, the maker had victoriously accomplished to implement all these elements brilliantly without losing the engaging grasp and vibe of the film.

Important the director had also used the unique talents of the actor Vinay Forrt effectively which was a treat to watch because his naturalistic acting was seen throughout the film which gives Vinay Forrt a career-best performance.

The dialogues in the film were really keen and observant which was engrossing because the dialogues were having the right soulful momentum which had given a fresh feel for the viewers and will also make to think. The situational comedy dialogues had written well to make good humour.

Therefore it is clearly evident in Thamasha that the ultimate winning credits are in the court of the director Ashraf Hamza which he successfully won to make a beautiful feel-good romantic movie.


Thamasha comes with the casting of Vinay Forrt as Sreene Mash and along Arun Kurian, Divya Prabha, Grace Antony, Chinnu Chandini Nair and Navas Vallikunu joins in the casting.

Vinay Forrt as Sreene Mash did an excellent performance. No words to describe his acting, the entire performance deserves a huge applause. His characterization was really authentic and the way he presented and acted out his character was unbelievable. The entire acting of Vinay Forrt was realistic because he was just living as the character to establish an extraordinary performance. His dialogue delivery was flawless with the perfect timing. The various emotion like love, fun, surprise, sorrow, excitement, wonder etc was implemented accurately by him in his acting. Importantly, another level of masterly acting of Vinay Fort was witnessed in his romantic scenes, a feeling of fresh and pure love was passed to the viewers by him. No doubt the character ‘Sreene Mash’ is one of his career-best performance.

Navas Vallikunu also did a notable performance. His situational comedies had really worked out well and his dialogue delivery was fantastic. His romantic scenes were charming and the combination scenes with Vinay Forrt was also pleasant to watch.

Arun Kurian as the brother of Vinay Forrt was good but for performing the screen space was less still he had done total justice to his character.

As the heroine, three actress plays a crucial role. Divya Prabha as the professor was looking gorgeous on her outlook and the performance was simple and great. Grace Antony as Safiya had also done a good job. Her combination scene with Vinay Forrt was authentic.

Chinnu Chandini Nair as Chinnu made a fabulous performance. Her screen presence in the second half was delightful to watch also her excellent acting with perfect dialogue delivery was worth to watch. Her outlook was also gorgeous and the sweet smile will bring happiness to the mind. Her entire combination scenes with Vinay Forrt was purely fun and romantic with little sentimental stuff. Overall her performance is one of the major winning highlights of the film Tamasha.


The musical work for the film is composed by thr hitmakers Rex Vijayan and Shahabaz Aman and the Background Score is handled by Neha Nair and Rex Vijayan.

The song ‘Padi Njan’ sung by Shahabaz Aman was really melodious with his unique voice and the strong lyrics written by Pulikkottil Hyder and Mushin Parari made the song as one of the best Malayalam romantic songs of recent time. Also, the song ‘Kanumbol Ninne’ composed by Rex Vijayan and sung by Asha Jeevan was fascinating by its feel. The lyrics of Mushin Parari was incredible for it which will make the viewers think differently and the tunes by the voice of Asha Jeevan made the song phenomenal.

The Background Score tuned by Rex Vijayan and Neha was truly matching for every scenario in the film especially the background score at the climax. The BGM at the romantic scenes were also impressive.

The cinematography of Sameer Thahir who is well known for his spectacular works. In Thamasha also he had an amazing job to set outstanding visuals. The shots and visuals he captured for the song ‘Padi Njan’ was amazing especially the romantic moments between the central characters. The beauty of nature, wide-angle scenes and the shots which the birds fly was absolutely magical. The visuals of Biennale was overwhelming with the attractive lovely visuals of Vinay Forrt and Chinnu.

The editing is done by Shafique Mohamed Ali and his editing task was bright with perfect cuts which didn’t affect the viewing experience. The Art Department had also done a solid job in bringing out genuine sets and the Costume Designer Mashar Hamsa deserves a special mention for bringing out the right costumes for every character.


So overall Thamasha had given me a heart touching experience by its magnificent story and screenplay, also the acting of Vinay Forrt made the movie as a big worth watch film. To conclude Thamasha is an amazing choice for this Eid to watch out with your families, friends and with your loved one.

VERDICT: Excellent
RATING: 4/5.