LUCA Movie Review

Luca Movie Review

Review for LUCA

•Language: Malayalam.
•Genre: Romantic Drama.
•Duration: 150 Minutes.
•Theatre: Inox Shoba City Thrissur.
•Status: 70%.


1: Direction
2: Story
3: Dialogues.
4: Music and Background Score.
5: Technical Aspects.

1: Performance of actors.
2: Screenplay.

•ONE WORD: Luca is neither bad or neither great, an average for a one-time watch.


Luca tells the story on an investigative track pointing to the life of the central characters named Luca and Niharika. Luca, a Kochi based artist and Niharika who comes to Kochi for his PhD joins together with a special bond. Rest of the story tells their various life incidents, in an investigative manner by a policeman named Akbar.


The movie is directed by the debutant filmmaker named Arun Bose who also handles the story, screenplay and dialogues with Mridul Geroge.

As a debutant director, Arun Bose held a passionate job and the making was made on a standard quality manner and also the story written by the makers was realistic for a romantic movie. He had given his best in the making to hold a neat direction which was impressive. He also used the unique acting talents of the actor Tovino Thomas victoriously according which deserves a mention.

The plot of the movie contains the main factors of romance, friendship and parenthood which unfolds with investigation and flashbacks, so the story was interesting to watch to know what had happened in the life of this central character. The screenplay was half baked because the scenes were not implemented perfectly as per the story so the moments didn’t give the right catching feel and also sadly the vibe of the plot was spoiled by the unworked screenplay. The ending was surprising with an unexpected twist in the climax but still, the whole package was not satisfactory because of the amateur screenplay.

The dialogues in the movie were extraordinary because the conversation between each and every character was having the deep and soulful momentum which dominates the audience to engage in the film. The dialogues also keep on the hook the audience also the observant communication can contrive the viewers to understand the feel and emotion of the plot.

Therefore the maker Arun Bose had made a pretty good job in the direction and story to make Luca as a different romantic movie but his work with Mridul George on writing the screenplay ended Luca as an unworkable attempt which failed partially to impress the viewers.


The movie ‘Luca’ teams with the casting of Tovino Thomas and Ahaana Krishna playing the central characters and along Nithin George, Rajesh Sharma, Vinitha Koshy, Thalaivasal Vijay, Rajesh Sharma, Chembil Ashokan joins in the casting.

Tovino Thomas who played the central character Luca did an outstanding performance, through his sensational acting he delivered another predominant performance which surely finds a spot among his career-best performances.
The various expressions, the way he handled the acting, the presentation in telling the dialogues, the method he acted out for the romantic scenes etc was first-rate with quality performance. The emotion of anger was also safer in the court of Tovino to act out.

Ahaana Krishna as Niharika did a matured performance. Shining acting was seen on her overall acting. The emotional scene in which she portrays her character’s flashback was brilliant with sharp emotions of sentiments, disappoint and struggle. Her voice was vivid and strong and also the combination scene with Tovino was emotional.

The combination scene shared by Tovino Thomas and Ahaana Krishna is something which is mediocre. On an angle, their chemistry works in a good way but viewing from another side an imperfect appearance lies between them. Due to the incredible matured voice of Ahaana, her combination scene with Tovino as a lover seems to work but still, the chemistry was not working effectively because of the appearance and due to its difference. For a friendship, they are good but as couples, they don’t seem to be special and equal.

Nithin Geroge as Akbar was average, his performance doesn’t stand upright. The proper qualities of a police officer were not sincerely seen because of his amateur dialogue delivery. The body language of a cop was also moderate. His emotional scenes were good. Anwar Shereef as Aloshi did a notable performance as the sub-inspector.

Chembil Ashokan, Thalaivasal Vijay and Srikant Murali did total justice to their respective characters. Pauly Valsan and Chembil Ashokan as the servants were fine on their particular roles.


The musical works for the film are composed by Sooraj.S.Kurup who also handles the background scores.

The songs are demanding for the plot and the tracks play a crucial element for this film so ultimately the music director Sooraj.S.Kurup had given some outstanding soundtracks to give an authentic vibe to maintain the impact of the storyline.

The song ‘Ore Kanal’ sung by Nandhagopan, Anju Joseph and Neethu was amazing to hear with its beautiful romantic visuals shared by Tovino and Ahaana. Another song ‘Vanil Chandrika’ sung by Aravind Venugopal and Zia Ul Haq was remarkable because of the powerful vocals which suit the song and also the lyrics written by Shabareesh Varma made the song to pass some catching moments. The song ‘Neeyila Neeram had given a different feel and the terrific lyrics was also thought-provoking.

The Background Score tuned by Sooraj was excellent for giving the impact of scenes, especially for emotional scenes. The BGM tunes used for the narration scene in the first half was something beyond the excellence. The background score at the climax was also thrilling and the BGM at emotional scenes showing the family tragedy was striking.

The cinematographer Nimish Ravi deserves a big round of applause because of the stunning visuals which he had captured for the film. The frames he captured for the title song was superior. The visuals of Biennale, the truck scene, rain shots and the bed sharing scene was tremendous with ideal lighting.

The editing performed by Nikhil Venu was smooth and shine which didn’t give the sort of mismatched feel. The Costume Designer Remya Suresh also deserves a special mention because of the beautiful dresses which she had made for every character, especially for Tovino and Ahaana. The Art Direction held by Annes Nadodi was spirited with lots of imposing sets. The set of the house lived by the central characters were really impressive and also the craft work, paintings, artistic spaces were perfectly made by thr Art Director.


So overall to conclude Luka had given me an unsatisfied experience because of the unrealistic screenplay but still the story and the performance lead by Tovino won’t disappoint anyone for a one time watch, watch with fewer expectations.

VERDICT: Average
RATING: 2.5/5.