Lootcase Movie Review – A complete fun pack comedy entertainer


Review for LOOTCASE:

•Language: Hindi.

•Duration: 132 Minutes. 

•Genre: Comedy Thriller. 












ONE WORD: A complete fun pack comedy entertainer. 

Lootcase revolves around Nandan Kumar who works as a printing press operator. One day accidentally he discovers a suitcase full of cash and some documents. He takes the suitcase with himself but some dangerous gangster is followed to find the suitcase. Rest of the story unfolds the chase between Nandan and gangsters to have the suitcase. 

The movie is directed by debutant Rajesh Krishnan and the story and screenplay are handled by Kapil Sawant and Rajesh Krishnan, the movie comes under the production of Fox Star Studios and Soda Films which now streaming online through Disney+Hotstar Premium. 

The direction made by Rajesh Krishnan was truly passionate in all means, his whole making was flawless and the execution-style was adequate to make an entertaining comedy thriller. Due to the neat and clean direction, there were no errors in any situations and nothing in the making looked cliche or overdramatic. The direction has reminded the making style of movies like Delhi Belly, Blackmail, Fukrey etc however the excesses of fun moments and situations will make those resemblances vanish.   

The story is not something we haven’t seen before but the components the writers had added into the plot was fresh and amusing to watch. The written way of events from the beginning to the climax in the story is convincing. The focus of the story has two angles, one aspect emphasis on the central character Nandan and other on gangsters so both these angles have the posture pair of amusement and fun, therefore, consistent writing is funny and amusing throughout the film.  

To lead the plot there are various incidents and occurrences in the screenplay and all these circumstances are brilliantly written which doesn’t give any sort of confusions. Interestingly the situational comedies were funny and entertaining, there were hilarious comedies and all of it had effectively written to engage the viewers. The combined elements of comedies, family sentiments, betrayal, actions were carried out in a calculated way so the momentum was finely balanced all over the screenplay also the narrative way of storytelling doesn’t get fallen at any areas. 

Kunal Khemu as Nandan Kumar was remarkable throughout the film, the best part was his natural way of acting. His various expressions on crucial scenes were brilliant and also the innocence in bus character was acted out effectively. The stunning dialogue delivery in both the crucial scenes and comedy scenes were delivered intently. The undertaking of various expressions in many different situations was strongly seen in his whole acting which deserves big thumbs up. Rashika Dugal as Lata the wife of central character Nandan did an authentic performance, the characteristic of a responsible homemaker was safer in her hands. The combination scene with Kunal was both funny and entertaining to watch also their chemistry had worked out well. Ranvir Shorey as Inspector Kolte did a fantastic job as a ruthless police officer, his unique style and aggression need to be mention. Vijay Raaz as one the gangster was outstanding, I really enjoyed his way of acting and all of his actions and his situational humour of Nat Geo animal reference had set out the laugh. Gajaraj Rao as the minister who has his own method of managing the other to do his work was humorous to watch.    

The musical work for the film is composed by Rohan-Vinayak and Amar Mangrulkar and the background score is tuned by Sameer Uddin. The song ”Laal Rang Ki Peti” made by Amar Mangrulkar had matched to set the scenes and the tune was good to hear, also the vocals of Vivek Hariharan was great. The song ’Pavitra Party’ had created a party mood and also the rap lyrics in it was good to set the scene. The background score had really worked in crucial scenes to bring out curiosity. Also, the background score at humour scene was also matching, some specific background score at the scenes of gangsters was amazing. The cinematography of Sanu John Varghese was remarkable, the method he used for the night shots were super and the lighting techniques to those shots look incredible. The indoor shots were also captured flawlessly. The visuals of climax scenes were terrific by its striking camera movements. No sort of mismatches was found in the editing of Anand Surabaya, the cuts are perfect without making any errors. 

So overall the film Lootcase had given me a fair delightful experience because of its perfect settled screenplay and direction, also the performance by actors makes the movie glassier. A fun ride with the best interesting and entertaining comedies, that won’t disappoint anyone, a perfect choice to watch out with our loved once. 


• RATING: 4/5.