Gunjan Saxena Review: a movie that flies on success



•Language: HINDI.

•Duration: 01 Hours 48 Minutes. 

•Genre: Biographical Drama. 





2: STORY. 









The movie tells about the life of Gunjan Saxena who wish to become a pilot. To achieve her dream she finds many obstacles on her path and less supportive from her beloved once but apart from everyone, her father supports her to fulfil her dream. Rest of the story describes the journey of a Gunjan Saxena, who ends up being an Air Force Pilot of Indian Air Force. 

The movie is directed by the debutant Sharan Sharma who also handles the story and screenplay along with Nikhil Mehrotra. Karan Johar, Zee Studios, Hiroo Yash Johar and Apoorva Mehta produces the film which comes under the banner of Dharma Productions and Zee Studios. The movie is currently streaming online through Netflix. 

Firstly, Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl is honestly a brilliant execution of a perfect Biographical Drama. The inspiring and brave life of Flight Lieutenant Gunjan Saxena was beautifully made by the markers without any form of backwardness. The prior credits should be given to the director, writers and actors because they had made the movie a complete worth watch.

A movie is clearly under the duration of 2 Hours and under this length, the makers had implemented the whole movie with the right pack of components and also the fractions in managing the whole premise of the film was precise and perfect according to the story. The inspiring story of Gunjan Saxena is the real backbone behind the wining success and eventually, the writers had written out in an adequate way which makes to give a fairest cinematic experience. 

The interesting thing I liked in the story is the arrangement of various circumstances and situations because under a time of 1 Hour and 48 minutes the writers had cleverly packed the various components of the screenplay. The factors such as hazards and barriers of the central character in achieving her dream, family sentiments, struggling, desperateness, premise, sexism and anxiety of war, etc have been written neatly which gives the right impact that will definitely make every viewer catch on within the film. So it’s clearly evident that the brilliant writing of story and screenplay had helped the director Sharan Sharma to give his best directional effort. 

The making held by the director was outstanding, he had made a complete justice in the portraying the extraordinary life of Gunjan Saxena. The clear picture of intensity and passionate making was visible in his direction and also as a newcomer the making was unbelievable, flawlessly did the job. There are two angles in the film, one is a beautiful relationship between a father-daughter and second the journey of a determined girl to achieve her dream so both these angles in the making held by the director were realistic and heart-filling. The effective use of character according to the story was undertaken authentically and various emotion underlying in the above-mentioned angles appropriately gazed in his whole direction. The director had also shown the faces of sexism and gender differentiation and those vibrant facts were honestly shocking, the director firmly deserves a thumbs up for showing the sexism faced by Gunjan Saxena. 

So the sharp and gripping direction along with the adequate screenplay doesn’t make the movie to lose any of its grasps, similarly, the dialogues are also strong like the movie. The dialogues written by Nikhil Mehrotra and Sharan Sharma is exceptional especially when it comes to the conversation between the father and daughter. The dominant conversations between the father-daughter will certainly bring tears to the eyes, those who contrive with their bond will feel the real depth and love. There was no overdose use of patriotic words and was never added also the dialogues in the desperate situations were genuinely matching to set the scene, not a single dialogue was felt overdramatic or cliched. 

Janhvi Kapoor who did the central character Gunjan Saxena did a good job but not certainly the best. She had improved a lot, needs an upgrade in giving out strong expressions. At some part in delivering the dialogue especially at the emotional scene were average, so looking into her whole performance she did a notable job. Pankaj Tripathi as the father Anup Saxena delivered a remarkable performance, no words to say about his acting. His natural way of undertaking the character was purely authentic. The qualities of a loving and supporting father were safer in his hands and completely gives his best. The dialogue delivery on crucial scenes and at emotional scenes was striking in all means, his yet another best performance. Angad Bedi as the brother of Gunjan Saxena and Ayesha Raza Mishra as Gunjan’s mother did a notable performance. Vineeth Kumar Singh as Fight commander officer Dileep Singh and Manav Vij as Commanding officer Gautam Sinha did complete justice to their respective supporting roles. 

The musical work held by Amit Trivedi was mediocre, a couple of songs were good others felt normal. “Bharat Ki Beti” sung by Arjith Sing was the best, the song ’Asmaan Di Pari’ was good to hear with different vocals of Jyothi. The song ’Duri Tutt Gaiyaan’ sung by Rekha Bhardwaj had the responsibility of making the premise of desperation but the impact was not that great, the vocals of Rekha had little bit helped to move on with the situations. There are three more songs but it’s not that accurate and not that much hitting hard to mention in this brief. The background score tuned by John Stewart Eduri was disappointing, for many important scenes especially at the climax to give more feel and impact the right amount of powerful background score was missing. The cinematography of Manush Nandan was excellent, the visuals of war scenes are the first highlight. The way he handled and undertaken the different camera movements in the upshots to catch the helicopter scenes were fantastic also the lighting techniques in indoor scenes were fine. The editing held by Nitin Baid was crisp and clear with the perfect cuts and haven’t given any mismatches in the viewing experience. 

So overall to conclude the inspiring life of Gunjan Saxena was a treat to watch and the film had given a pleasing satisfying experience, the brilliant implementation in writing and direction makes the movie shine and glow to a true wining take-off, won’t disappoint anyone. 


• RATING: 3.5/5.