French Biryani Movie Review

French Biryani movie review


Language: KANNADA.

Duration: 01 Hour 57 Minutes.

Genre: Comedy Drama. 




1: Direction.

2: Performance of actors 

3: Few good comedies 

4: Cinematography 

5: Editing. 


1: Predictable storyline 

2: Subplots were messy. 

3: Half baked screenplay. 

ONE WORD: A movie that keeps losing its track from the beginning, strictly average. 


French Biriyani deals with a group of gangsters who are looking for baggage, in-between a French foreigner Simon who will be mistaken as a carrier and an auto-rickshaw driver Azgar gets involved with the missing baggage. Rest of the story unfolds various incidents happening to find the baggage. 

No doubt the direction held by Pannaga Bharana was exceptional but unfortunately not extraordinary when it comes to the story and screenplay. Looking into the plot one can realise that the storyline is simple but while watching the movie it’s evident that the whole making is not that easy like the story, his direction was truly vigilant and stunning, to make it more clear the entire making was passionate. 

The story written by Avinash Balekkala is simple which had all the factors for a fun-oriented film but whatever the screenplay was mediocre. The story comprises plenty of several characters which demands many factors for various ongoing situations and those situations are the components which lead to unfolding the film, sadly most of the written incidents doesn’t create an impact or influence to impress the viewers. 

The subplots and the character development was not that accurate according to the plot. When looking into the basic storyline the subplot situations were dragged and some scenarios were felt unwanted also at some point the viewers may get confused about many occurring situations. The ensuing scenes of coincidence and unexpected happenings of events seems amateurish because it was felt like the writer is compelling the viewers to think as per his thoughts which were unbearable. 

The major drawback I felt in this movie is its screenplay. The inexperience in writing was felt from the middle. The targeted factors of making humour with the mix of a thriller backdrop had given an unsatisfactory feel. Many of the circumstances lack depth and similarly continuity to further heading scenes specifically to the climax has a clear shortage of believability. The script was having the capability of creating various kind of emotions especially friendship and sentiment but woefully none of these was not established. While watching I was expecting a wonderful friendship between the two main characters ( Asgar and Foreigner Simon) but sadly that kind of pure friendship was not used effectively. 

Even though the movie suffers from its poor screenplay and predictable storyline the making and direction held by Pannaga Bharana deserves mention. The direction stood favourable and hasn’t lost its grasp; even though the story and screenplay resulted in average the making style is satisfactory, he had sincerely maintained the momentum. If he had involved and put more effort into the screenplay the final result would have been different. The dialogues were written down sharply particularly for the situational comedies. Majority of the humour conversation had worked out to pass out a laughable time.

The director had also succeeded in choosing the right cast; the performance of every major character was impressive. Danish Sait as Asgar had delivered a terrific job, his entire performance was incredible especially when it comes to the situational comedies. Another notable performance was from Sal Yusuf who handled the character called Simon. His innocence, comedies and various emotions of sentiments had brilliantly worked out. The combination scenes of Danish Sait and Sal Yusuf were pleasing to watch. Both of the heroines Disha Madan as the news reporter and Sindhu Sreenivasa Murthy as Rahila did a noteworthy performance. Rangayana Raghu as the Sub Inspector of Police was hilarious, his situational comedies we’re fun to watch also R.J. Vicky as Blacky and Pitobash Tripathy as car driver did complete justice to his character. 

The musical work composed by Vasuki Vaibhav was outstanding. The songs tuned by Vasuki had helped the movie to get into a terrific level. The title rap song “The Bengaluru Song” was superb with its stunning lyrics and the vocals of Adhiti Sagar was amazingly match to the beats also the rap lyrics of Vaibhav and Avinash Balekkala was flawless to set the scenarios of Bengaluru. The song ”Hogbitta Charles” was also good and the group singers had made a great job. The song “Fakrudeen” was fine and had synced to set the chasing scene. The background scores were excellent, throughout the movie to maintain the impact of the plot the background score had genuinely helped the viewers to engage within the film. The background score at the comedy scenes was fabulous also the BGM tunes at the situational humour area had worked out well. Also several BGM tracks at the crucial areas of the when especially towards the climax was tracked faultlessly.  

A sublime work was held by Kharthik Palani who handled the cinematography. The frames of Bengaluru City especially the street Shivaji Nagar was captured charmingly. All of the chasing scenes were glorious and the lighting used for indoor scenes deserves a special remark. After watching the trailer I was shocked to see the poor editing but in the movie the entire editing work was superb, none of the scenes was having any kind of mismatches. 

Therefore to conclude French Biriyani had given me an average viewing experience, the beginning was promising but eventually get flattened by its predictable plot and weak screenplay. So overall French Biriyani is not a kind of movie which is meant for everyone but still, those who are fond of slapstick kind of genre French Biriyani may be an ok choice. 


• RATING: 2.5/5.