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Dil Bechara movie review

Review for DIL BECHARA:

Language: HINDI.

Duration: 01 Hour 41 Minutes. 





1: Story. 

2: Direction.

3: Dialogues. 

4: Performance of actors. 

5: Music and background score. 

6: Cinematography.

7: Editing. 


1: Predictable ending. 

2: The screenplay could have been a little better. 

3: Rushed Second Half.

ONE WORD: A worth watch romantic drama. 


Dil Bechara unfolds the life of Maany and Kizie Basu who are cancer patients for years. One day both of them meets accidentally at their college and started to get closer. Soon they fall in love but their Cancer makes some unexpected turns. 

Love can’t be explained by words, it’s a feel and a unique world where two soul lives, just like that Dil Bechara is a movie which portrays the beautiful life of two souls who fall in love again and again. Dil Bechara is all about true affectionate love, a story based on ’The Fault In Our Stars’. The movie is directed by Mukesh Chhabra who is well know casting director, along the story and screenplay is written by Shashank Khaitan and Suprotim Sengupta. 

Dil Bechara has both good and small bad elements, to begin with, the story and is simply great. The plot is all about the beautiful world of two lovers, one can see and feel what their love is. The story was having pure contents of true romance along with many kinds of human emotion which were elegantly written. But sadly that particular brightness was not seen fully in the screenplay. 

The collective factors of love, sentiments, friendship, parenthood and separateness were genuinely made up in the story but when it comes to the screenplay some of these mentioned factors had lost its authenticity. The beginning was perfect, the movie maintained its neat momentum till the first half but after the second half, the movie started to get little off-balance. Again from the mid-second half, the movie gets shattered and the rushed way of the ending was not completely satisfying. 

Therefore, the promising first half gets slightly deflected by the mediocre screenplay of the second half. The good mood of romance which seen in the first half was missing in the second part. The direction of Mukesh Chhabra was good and it was according to the plot and the making was passionate, the only thing which I felt wrong in his side was his making of climax. He should have been focused in a better climax and could have been made it more enthusiastic. Also, the ending is predictable but that’s not a major issue how they had concluded the movie is the issue. I am still l wondering why the writers had opted to end the movie so fastly, makers should have invested more time for a better and pleasing ending.

What I liked most in the screenplay was the characterization of every actor and the writing of dialogues. Every character in the film was prominent and never felt any sort of confusion with their premise. All their life was written brilliantly with the correct mix of emotions. The dialogues by the writers need a special mention because every conversation lead by the characters in the film was outstanding especially when it comes to the emotional scenes. The dialogues were keen and observant and one could contrive with its atmosphere moreover the words coming out from the characters at emotional scenes convey the right sincere bond of relations. In the movie, there is a sentimental scene between Sushant and Saswata Chatterjee which describes various circumstances of difficulties in life, that particular scene was having a truly natural tone and it was all because of the powerful dialogues. Similarly, the dialogues at the romantic scenes were also touchy with the right adding of gratifying words which will lead in realising their love. 

Coming to the performance Sushant Singh Rajput as Immanuel Rajkumar Junior also is known as Manny did an incredible job. I was speechless by seeing his performance, the transformation to various emotions at a time was delivered dazzlingly without a single error. His emotional scenes at the climax were amazing which will leave tears in viewers eyes. Also, his romance was beautiful with an adorable style which will be remembered forever. Sanjana Sanghi as Kizie also did an extraordinary job. She has undertaken her character perfectly and the manner of a cancer patient was conveyed flawlessly. Her emotional scenes were sentimental and the combo scenes with Sushant was so enjoyable to watch. Sahil Vaid performance was first class, his timing in situational humour was good and also scores at emotional scenes, especially at the climax. The supporting actors Saswata Chatterjee and Swastika Mukherjee did complete justice to their respective characters. The fondness of sincere parenthood was seen thoroughly in their performance. The cameo appearance of Saif Ali Khan as Abhimanyu Iyer had surprised.

The technical side of the film was great on every aspect. It’s yet another lovely musical work by legendary A.R Rahman. Looking into his unique style of composition the songs had turned out amazing. Every song was perfect according to the plot and the heart felting songs play a crucial role in retaining the soul for the film. 

Among the various songs, ’Taare Ginn’ sung by Mohit and Shreya was melodious, the tunes with its wonderful visuals had given the real manner of pure love. Also, the song ’Khule Jeene Ka’ had given the sensation of fell good manner with a mix of romance, also the voice of Arjith and Shashha was lovely to hear. The track ’Dil Bechara’ was superb with its tune and beats, also A.R Rahman’s voice did a precise match to set the scenarios. The song ’Mashkari’ was nice because of its beat and change of rhythm, also the Sunidhi’s voice was refreshing and the song had matched the funny scenarios. The track ’Main Tumhara’ was lovely and an elegant feel of romance was felt when he listening to it. For romantic dramas, the background score has a crucial role in strengthening the feel so the BGM tuned by A.R Rahman was fascinating.  All the background score was matched for every scenario. I like the background tunes especially at the climax, also the BGM at emotional scenes had matched for passing out the feelings. 

The cinematography by Satyajit Pande was gorgeous with many attractive frames. The nature shots and the frames of Paris were glorious to watch. The lighting used in night shots and indoor scenes was intact and accurate with an error. The close up frames of central characters at both romantic scenes and emotional scenes were captured amazingly. The editing by Aarif Sheikh doesn’t give any kind of trouble in viewing, the cuts were perfect without any mismatches. The choreography of Farah Khan for the song ’Dil Bechara’ was stunning with dazzling steps and Sushant did perfect moves to make it special. 

So overall to conclude Dil Bechara is an emotional movie which offers pure romance that can leave tears to our eyes. The movie won’t disappoint anyone and worth watch choice to watch with our loved ones. The movie has a mirroring to Sushant’s actual life and Dil Bechara is a perfect tribute for him. Time has taken the gifted actor, let his soul rest in peace. 


• RATING: 3.5/5