And The Oscar Goes To Movie Review

And The Oscar Goes To review

(Spoiler Free)

•Language: Malayalam.
•Genre: Drama.
•Duration: 124 Minutes.
•Theatre: Usha Theatre Kollam.
•Status: 60%.


1: Direction.
2: Story.
3: Screenplay and Dialogues.
4: Performance of Actors.
5: Background Score.
6: Technical Aspects.

•ONE WORD: A movie which shines gloriously than Oscar.

‘And The Oscar Goes To’ unfolds the life of Issak Ebrahem who dreams to become a filmmaker. After the success of his first movie, his movie gets entry to Oscars, the rest of the film shows his struggling path to achieve the Academy Award.


The movie is directed by the award-winning filmmaker Salim Ahamed who also handles the story screenplay and dialogues.

First of all the story written by the director Salim Ahamed is something which can inspire and encourage the youngsters who wish to find their future in filmmaking. The dreams, struggles and fights among the youngsters who wish to become a film director were effectively written by Salim Ahamed which shows the hard path to enter into the world of cinema.

The execution held by the director in the movie had given a fresh inspirational feel and presence which is definitely great for those would like to watch a meaningful film.
Also, a simple story was taken efficiently without making any sort lagging or confusion. The complete making was passionate and also the direction was purely according to the core of the story and screenplay which maintained to give the impact till the end.

The screenplay of the film was having combined factors of real sentiments, romance, friendship, struggles, humour, sorrows, etc, therefore, the maker had victoriously accomplished to implement all these elements brilliantly without losing the engaging grasp and vibe of the film. The screenplay was filled with the mixup factors dreams, struggles fight to achieve the passion, family relationships, romance, sorrows so the maker Salim Ahamed had amazingly implemented each 3of these factors according to the core of the plot. Therefore the movie lands in a completely safe zone because of the well-worked screenplay and making.

The dialogues in the movie also emerged as stiff and powerful because the conversation was having the right momentum between every character to create the impact of the story which will definitely dominate every audience to engage in the film. Also, the majority dialogues in the movie were observant and keen which can contrive the viewers to travel within the movie. The cardinal tonality of the film focus on the life of the central character and his dreams so, fortunately, the director had stunningly portrayed without any form of bemusing elements.

Important the director had also used the talents of the actor Tovino Thomas genuinely in a natural way which was a treat to watch because true mature acting was seen throughout the film which gives him a career-best performance.

Therefore the ultimate winning credits are by the outstanding direction and by the incredible story of Salim Ahamed makes ‘And The Oscar Goes To’ as one of the best Malayalam movies of 2019.

The movie includes the casting which includes Tovino Thomas playing the central character called ‘Issak Ebrahem’, along Siddique, Sreenivasan, Lal, Hareesh Kanaran, Vijayaraghavan, Salim Kumar, Anu Sithara, Nikki Rae Hallow and Kavitha Nair joins in the casting.

Tovino Thomas had once again shown his spectacular acting through his shining performance as Issak Ebrahem. The entire performance in the movie was first-rate. As a youngster who dreams to become a filmmaker was successfully portrayed by Tovino with the effective characterization which deserves a huge applause. The emotional scenes were completely safe in his hands by delivering the brilliant sentimental acting. The qualities of a filmmaker were brilliantly seen in the whole acting of Tovino which proved that he is one of the current top rated actors in Malayalam Film Industry.

Anusithara as Chitra and Nikki Rae Hallow as Maria play an important role and both of them did total justice to their respective characters.

Siddique and Salim Kumar had done an outstanding performance on their supportive roles. Both of them delivered their best acting with first-rate emotional scenes. Their combination scenes with Tovino was also amazing.

Vijayaraghavan as the father of Tovino, Lal as cameraman and Sreenivasan as film star done their part well. Appani Sarath and Hareesh Kanaran as the friend of Tovino had also done

The musical work of the film is composed by Bijipal including the background score. The movie consists of two songs and more than the songs the music director’s focused work on making the quality background tunes stood upstanding.

The title song ‘Maya Mazhavillai’ sung by Adheef Muhammed written by Rafeeq Ahamed was good to hear with its animated visuals. The song ‘Venallum Varshavum’ was in the second half which was pretty good.

The Background Score tuned by Bijipal was excellent because what the film demands through BGM tunes was authentically given by Bijipal. The BGM at the emotional scenes were really sentimental and also the background score had worked well at showing the passionate way of the central character.

The cinematography performed by Madhu Ambat had given quality visuals especially the locations of America and Canada. The various frames of both the counties were beautiful, portraying the natural scenery which was delightful to watch. The shots of mountains in Kannur and sunset peak were beautiful and the visuals in the night in America were also outstanding.

The editing of Vijai Sankar was accurate with perfect cuts which do not give mismatches in the viewing experience. The Sound Design was done by Resul Pookutty and his mixing had given an awesome experience, the effects in sound were superior for every scene. The Costume Designer Mashar Hamsa had also done an imposing job on bringing out the appropriate costumes for every actor which deserves a thumbs-up.

To conclude the film ‘And The Oscar Goes To’ had given me an unforgettable experience because of its wonderful heart touching story and extraordinary direction. Overall the movie ‘And The Oscar Goes To’ is an incredible film in all manner especially those who love to watch the different aspects in the field of movie making.

VERDICT: Excellent.
RATING: 4/5.