Cocktail Tamil Movie Review


Review for COCKTAIL:

Language: TAMIL. 

•Duration: 02 Hour 08 Minutes.














A gang of four best friends decide to have a party one night on a flat. Unfortunately, they found a corpse the next day after their hangovers. Rest of the movie unfolds many series bunches of incidents and the way they survive from the incidents. 

First of all telling about the movie, it’s a complete waste of time, still wondering why these kind of makers are coming up with the stupid plot to ruin the time of viewers. The story was written by the director RA. Vijayamurugan which doesn’t offer anything new rather than stupidies. The humour he intends to make out in the screen was like torture and the unlogic story makes will make the viewers skip the whole film. Basically, the story by the director doesn’t have a proper strength for making it as a film and by the lengthy duration of nearly 2 hours, the entire movie was resulted as boring. Even a small kid can realise that the story was only good for a short film and such a story was made too long and tortured the patience completely. 

Moreover due to the unbelievability, lack of depth and predictability the viewers can lose the interest to continue in watching the film. The screenplay was totally pathetic, continuity to the next scene was bad, the comedies were not having a standard and the ending was trash. The incidents written in the screenplay was similar to many movies of different languages and nothing fresh was felt. From the beginning itself, it is clearly evident that the maker had miserably failed to entertain the viewers also the targeted aim for setting out a comedy thriller haven’t find the way for making an enjoyable comedy film. 

Humorous, betrayal, friendship and romance was the primarily aimed elements in the screenplay sadly none of these elements hasn’t worked out also these were turned down into cliche and overdramatic stuff. 

Sadly to say the direction was also weak so the making had completely lost its rhythm and when the movie moves on the poor making from the director will surely kill the tolerance of viewers. The director could have put more effort, without any hesitation, I will defiantly say if the direction was made by someone else who is more experienced in making humour film the movie could have been ended out better. Also when coming to the subplots everything was messed up, the connection between the plot and subplot was tedious which is another major drawback of this film. 

Even though the story was similar there were possibilities and scope for making the plot into a fun-oriented film but the major failure was the way the story was told by the worst performance of actors. Still, a little few scenes may give some comedies but that doesn’t ever mean the movie will engage, looking at the whole package the movie is a letdown. Another important complication was the overdramatic components, especially the situations leading to the songs. Cliched aspects like hero singing a song when seeing the lover, dancing with the strangers in street and group of a friend singing at the time of drinking were felt overdramatic and irritating, wondering why the maker is still in 80’s period or did the market doesn’t know the basic rule of filmmaking, who knows. 

Still, I am not getting why did Yogi Babu choose this script and film. He was the only good thing which I felt in the film. Few of his comedies were good and that it’s. Mithun Mahesh performance was unmatured, especially at the romantic scenes. Also at the crucial scenes, his various expression was awful. Also, Kawin as Age was totally a wrong choice, all his innocence in the film was terrible to watch also the timing and delivery in dialogue was faulty. KPY Bala as Pandi was annoying completely and his performance is unacceptable. Both Shivaji Shinde as Rajamanickam and Mimi Gopi made the wrong choice to do this film. 

The musical work of Sai Bhaskar doesn’t offer much, the songs were below average which hasn’t matched the scenarios. Also, the background score was too sick particularly at the humour scenes. When the movie approaches to the thriller areas the BGM was mediocre. None of the tunes conforms with the scene to maintain the impact. The cinematography by R.J Raveen was average, pretty decent, not great. The lighting techniques used in the first song kooks dreadful but some of the frames a pet bird was good. The editing was decent by S.N Fazil, the cut was sharp and some mismatches was felt here and there. 

So to conclude ’Cocktail’ directed by Ra. Vijaya Murugan had given me the worst experience in all manner and this film is a perfect example of how a movie shouldn’t be made. I won’t recommend this movie to anyone, sorry to say but better to skip to save your valuable time and energy. 


• RATING: 1/5.