Sunday, August 18, 2019

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Skin tightening facial

It’s good for those having dry skin. You please put a lotus stem and rose petals in coconut oil for three days. Then massage your face from down to top using the oil. After 20 minutes remove the oil using a piece of cotton immersed light warm...

Tips to avoid pimples

1. Have some morning sunlight everyday 2. Keep your face clean 3. wash your face with boiled then cooled cumin water 4. Always use clean cotton to remove water or sweat from your face. 5....
Dark circles around eyes are a serious beauty problem for years. The darkening of skin around the eyes can appear due to many reasons including sleeplessness, lack of nutritious food and intense stress. You an resolve this problem via many natural ways. They are as follows:
Eyes and the legs are the main beauty features in women. It is a good thing for girls to hear that her eyes looking good. It is important to take a look in the daily using of eye liner on your eyes. 1. It...

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