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Pattam Pole Review
2.5 stars - based on 5 reviews

Ace-cinematographer Alagappan making his debut as a director, Dulquer Salman playing the lead role, a title that gives you a feel of freshness and romance - promising, isn’t it? You’d expect nothing short of a refreshing, feel-good romantic with excellent frames and perhaps enchanting music which would transport you to a totally new world. But sorry, ‘Pattom Pole’, Alagappan’s directorial debut is not that impressive. I won’t say it’s bad, but it’s not too good either. It’s OK for a one-time watch, but you don’t find in it anything that would make you stand up, applaud and exclaim, “Wow, great stuff!”. If not for the excellent frames, the feel-good kind of music and the charming Dulquer, ‘Pattom Pole’ would just be a so so kind of film. There is nothing worth mentioning as regards the story or the script and hence the film won’t make a long lasting impression on your minds.

Karthik (Dulquer) and Riya (Malavika Mohan) plan to elope. They elope with the help of Avira (Sunil Sukhada), who is a boat-driver and works for Riya’s father Mathews (Laloo Aalex). Very soon they run out of money and start fighting. Then they decide to part ways and thus, even before they get married, they come back home, only to be given a warm welcome at home.

Karthik soon joins an event management company as Project Director and after a few days Riya too happens to land up in the very same company. But since they had already realized that they have started hating one another, they behave somewhat like strangers and get acquainted as colleagues and work together. Meanwhile Riya’s father Mathews and Karthik’s father Narayanan (Jayaprakash) do meet and discuss the issue.

Very soon Karthik proves himself a good coordinator and wins over appreciation from all, especially Sherin (Archana Kavi), his colleague. This irks Riya, who is soon betrothed to a rich NRI. Karthik also comes across his cousin Varalakshmi (Leema Babu), who is in Kumbakonam and whose parents already see her as Karthik’s bride.

So then, how would the story progress from here? I bet you know it; I had guessed it all out and for me it seemed 100 percent predictable and not at all interesting. That’s what makes me call ‘Pattom Pole’ just an OK kind of film...


Dulquer puts in a good performance as Karthik while debutante Malavika Mohan is comfortable playing Riya. The others are all OK with their roles and perform in their usual respective styles...

Technical aspects

With Alagappan as the director of photography (Selvakumar is the cinematographer), ‘Pattom Pole’ is sure to have beautiful frames, especially since the story is set against the paddy-fields and backwaters of Kuttanad. Editing by Raja Mohammed and art-direction by Gokuldas happen to be impressive too.


The songs are all pleasant and fit into the whole fabric of the film perfectly well.


Script by K Gireesh Kumar, based on story idea by Alagappan, is what plays foil here. There is nothing worth mention in the story and the screenplay too is just so so. This is what prevents the film from being impressive beyond the apparent and superficial level.


Alagappan, as director, is well in control. So, if he makes his next film with a better script, there’s no doubt he can give us a thoroughly enjoyable film...

Verdict- Not too impressive, script plays foil. Good performance and cinematography...

Rating: 2/5

Review by : Unni R Nair (

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