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Camel Safari Review
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I just can’t make out as to what prompted Jayaraaj to make a film like ‘Camel Safari’, a terrible let-down. Well, to be honest this is one film that I feel doesn’t even deserve a review or even a mention anywhere. The saddest part of it is that this colossal waste of a movie is directed by Jayaraaj who has given us so many good films and some big hits too.

It’s not that Jayaraaj is disappointing us for the first time; he has made insufferable films earlier too, but now that he has made ‘Camel Safari’, I honestly feel those earlier insufferable films were better ones. Sincerely speaking ( I know the director personally and I had turned an admirer of his after seeing his first released movie, ‘Vidyarambham’ and had personally liked some of his other movies too. I also have a regard for him as a director who has proved himself by trying his hand, very successfully, at all kinds of films), I just can’t find anything positive to say about ‘Camel Safari’.

I don’t have the patience to narrate the story in detail. That would remind me of the ordeal I had gone through watching the movie. A gang of six college students, a nutty principal, the gang of six proving a real headache to the principal- this is how the film begins. Then we see five of the six students setting off to Rajasthan to attend a wedding. There one of them falls in love with a Rajput youth, but, in the whole history or romantic cinema, the ‘course of true love never did run smooth’ and it’s not going to be smooth for them either...Thus evolves the story (?) which goes on and on as you either let out yawn after yawn or just doze off in the theatre...

The narration, the performance part, the technical part and everything related to the movie is insufferable, that’s all I can say. And here I stop, not bothering to say anything more about this film...


Nothing at all to say about the performance aspect. Zero marks...

Technical aspects

Sorry, zero marks once again...


Thanks to the immortal composer Naushad and his everlasting melody, “Mere mehboob tujhe...”, you get a good song in ‘Camel Safari’. The song “Kannum Kannum Kandumutti...”, based on Naushad’s tune, thus becomes the only thing worth remembering in the whole film...


I feel even kids could come up with a better storyline. The story, the script, the dialogues are all just insufferable in ‘Camel Safari’.


Nothing at all to say about the direction part.

Verdict- A loud boo...Just avoid this Safari, stay at home!!!

Rating: 0.5/5, thanks to Naushadji...

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