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He stepped into the Kerala Students Union activities while in campus and also was it's President from 1971 to 1973.V M Sudheeran became the President of the Youth Congress in 1975. V M Sudheeran got elected to the Lok Sabha in 1977.V M Sudheeran became a member of the Legislative Assembly in 1980.Since then V M Sudheeran was elected by people till 1996.V M Sudheeran was the Speaker from 1985 to 1987 also in 1995 V M Sudheeran became the Health Minister.In 1996 he was elected and again in 1999 he defeted Murali, actor who had tried his luck to elected. But, in 2004, he lost to Dr.K.S Manoj and again in 2009, though there was high pressure from top, V M Sudheeran rejected all the offers and mentioned that young hands should handle pressure now. V M Sudheeran is a leader who does not care to criticise even his own party. Sand mining in Alappuzha was controlled by V M Sudheeran and also he conducted strikes against liquor and real estate.V M Sudheeran has been a politician with a clean certificate without any corruption allegations against him till date.Hence, even the opposition leaders do not mind to salute this veteran politician. prays to keep this fighter in good health and peace of mind always.  


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