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Manju Poloru Penkutty, a film directed by Kamal was her first movie and the film which was released in 2004 was a hit. But, Shamna did not get many offers after that to play any major roles. Though the actress was still active, minor or supporting roles were given to this highly talented person. She tried her luck in Kollywood and Muniyandi Vilangial Moonramandu was her first film in Tamil. Then Poorna has not looked back. She was called Chinna Asin because of resemblence with Asin Thottumkal.Shamna was called for her first film in Telugu for Sri Mahalakshmi. She was again seen on malayalam film Chattakkari, a remake of the old one. After rejected by many heroines, the makers were lucky to get Shamna and she agreed to do the role which was of an anglo indian girl from Cochin. Shamna is doing a lot of films in Tamil and Telugu more than Malayalam, which her mother tongue. 


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