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O. Rajagopal was greatly influenced by Dheendayal Upadhyaya and joined Jan Sangh after his college. In 1968, Deendayal Upadhyaya passed away and this forced Rajagopal to focus more into his public activities more. O. Rajagopal was the General Secretary of Jan Sangh till 1974. O. Rajagopal got promoted as the President and remained in the same position till 1977.O. Rajagopal was jailed along with V. Velankutty in Central Jail, Viyyoor during the emergency. Emergency period was over and Jan Sangh got allied with Janatha Party.Janata Party split in 1980 and Bharathiya Janatha Party was made.Rajagopal was the president of Bharathiya Janatha Party till 1985. O. Rajagopal became All India Secretary, General Secretary, and the Vice President of BJP even.O. Rajagopal contested in Loka Sabha election but failed in 1989. O. Rajagopal again tried from Trivandrum but history repeated. O. Rajagopal was elected in 1992 and 1998 to the Rajya Sabha from Madhya Pradesh. In 1999, O. Rajagopal again submitted his profile as a candidate from Thiruvananthapuram followed by 2011 Assembly elections from Nemom and by election from Neyyattinkara in 2012. But, all these attempts failed but, in Nemom he failed only for a low margin of 6400 votes. Bharathiya Janatha Party yet has not opened accounts in Kerala elections and hopefully in near future we can expect that would also happen. O. Rajagopal is a politician who has got a clean certificate without any scam or corruption listed under his name. We at kerala9.com pray that, may God keep this veteran politician in good health and peace of mind always.  

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