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Kalabhavan Mani

Date Of Birth-1971-01-01
Debut Film-Aksharam
Kalabhavan Mani is not only an actor but Mani is a singer too with a fine talent for singing. Mani was born in Chalakudy, Kerala.Mani was a member of Kalabhavan Mimicry troup which was on top in the 80s. Mani was born in a middle class family and managed to keep both ends meet with great difficulty.Mani has tasted the bitter taste of poverty thus he himself became a humble personality with a kind heart to help people who are in need always. Mani takes part in almost all the functions in his hometown and the crowd just treats him like their own brother with no celebrity care given. Mani enjoys it, is now settled in Chalakudi, Thrissur with his wife and daughter.  
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