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K. B. Ganesh Kumar

Date Of Birth-1966-05-25
Debut Film-Erakal

Born on 25 May 1966, K B Ganesh Kumar is one among the most popular face in malayalam cinema and also in politics. Ganesh was the Minister for Forest and Environment, Sports and Cinema in the present cabinet. Ganeshkumar got elected to the State Legislative Assembly from Pathanapuram. He also was the Transport Minister in his first entry into the cabinet. Balakrishna Pillai, former Minister of Transport is the father of K B Ganeshkumar and Ganesh is someone who always has been among the most controversial figures. Amidst the busy schedule of film and politics, the actor finds time for television serials and recently has also started to present television programs. May be this busy schedule has limited or blocked him from having a smooth family life. 


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