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Date Of Birth-1985-10-26
Debut Film-Narendran Makan Jayakanthan Vaka

Asin, is a popular name in the entire south. Asin Thottumkal was born on 26th October 1985. Asin Thottumkal is the other  actress than Padmini who has dubbed in her voice regardless of the language. Asin Thottumkal ruled Kollywood for a long term of five years before she entered Bollywood and Asin is one among the Hundred Crore Club. Asin Thottumkal speaks seven languages Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, French, English and Sanskrit. Now Asin has learned Marati and German too. Asin Thottumkal was born and brought up in Kochi and the beautiful lady loves to spend her time in her homw town but,  she stays in Mumbai in connection with her career now. 


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