Thattathin Marayathu Review


Thattathin Marayathu Movie Review
Producer : Sreenivasan and Mukesh
Director : Vineeth Sreenivasan
Cast : Nivin Pauly, Isha Talwar, Manoj.K.Jayan, Sreenivasan etc.
Music :  Shan Rahman
Cinematography Jomon T. John
Editing by Ranjan Abraham

Review By : Unni R Nair/

The trailers, the songs, the fact that Vineeth Sreenivasan had proved with ‘Malarvady Arts Club’ that he has a firm grip on the subject that he directs etc had led me to believe I’d love ‘Thattathin Marayath’, Vineeth’s second film as director. Yesterday, as I was walking in to watch the film, I believed I’d definitely feel elated, enlightened and enriched after seeing it. But then, inside the hall, I couldn’t help letting out a yawn sometime before half-time and even felt like falling asleep. Now, a day after seeing ‘Thattathin Marayath’, it seems I desperately want to love this movie, something that would perhaps never happen.

Yes, ‘Thattathin Marayath’ is a film that I would not rank among films I like or which I’d like to re-visit.

So, what’s the story? Simple… A Hindu boy falls in love with a Muslim girl and the rest is all about how they’re going to fight it out. Well, let me tell you one thing. Since I narrated the story so simply in one sentence, don’t think I believe we need something complex or too sophisticated to make a movie. I never meant that. This is stuff enough for a movie; but then, it’s not what’s told, but how it’s told that matters. That’s where Vineeth has gone wrong with ‘Thattathin Marayath’.

Vinod (Nivin Pauly) sees Aisha (Isha Talwar) at a wedding; we are told it’s love at first sight for him. But as the love evolves and the young chap keeps repeating the same lines as sort of a refrain and as young chaps in the theatre clap their hands, you begin to realize that it’s a rather immature kind of obsession and a rather childish fancy for the face that remains behind the veil and not at all love that’s being depicted. There is a police officer, Circle Inspector Premkumar (Manoj K Jayan), who speaks in the Thiruvananthapuram dialect and who’s made out to be an interesting guy, who sets out to unite the two lovers, at all costs. But this characters seems more like a caricature and some of the things that he does (for example helping Vinod and his friends earn money by selling helmets to people whom he catches riding without helmets) could leave you exasperated.

Well, when you come out of the theatre and try to find out what it was all about, all that you can remember is it’s a love story, there were some excellent frames, there are a handful of good scenes that stand out, there are some ‘youthful’ songs and that’s all. Did the film leave any other and rather indelible impression on your mind? I don’t think so…

Well, you may argue saying that to understand what the film is all about, you need to fall in love at least once in your life. You can say you need to be a youth to feel the youthful fervour of the film. I wouldn’t dare reply to such comments, the simple reason of it being that those who make such comments don’t know who or what the reviewer is or whether he has known love or not. As for rating ‘Thattathin Marayath’, all that I can say is that it’s a film that goes off the track and has good performances by the lead pair and some (just a handful) good scenes.
Nivin Pauly is good, as Vinod. Isha Talwar looks good as Aisha, but don’t you feel the writer had gone confused as regards characterization when it comes to Aisha. You just don’t understand her or her doings and motives. Manoj K Jayan is not bad, but the character that he plays is not that good and so doesn’t leave any impact on you. The others are OK with their roles; Sreenivasan doesn’t have much to do, performance-wise, but one of the good scenes in the movie has him uttering a dialogue on the role of Purdah in a girl’s life. Aparna Nair is good.
Technical aspects
Jomon T John has delivered some good frames; editor Ranjan Abraham has done a fairly good job and art-director Ajay Mangad lends able support; but the faulty script plays foil.
Shan Rahman has done a good work of the background scores and the songs too are good, trendy in a way.
Vineeth’s script-work was good as regards ‘Malarvady Arts Club’; though the film didn’t say anything new and was sort of predictable, I felt Vineeth did the script in a rather good manner. But with ‘Thattathin Marayath’, he falters. The story that he seeks to narrate and the way he narrates his, plus the characterization aspect – all have gone wrong and the film fails to impress, in total.
I had commented to a friend before watching ‘Thattathin Marayath’, “Vineeth Sreenivasan had proved, with ‘Malarvady Arts Club’, that he has a good command as a director over the subject at hand and I am sure ‘Thattathin Marayath’ would be much better. But alas; I have been proven wrong; Vineeth scores lower this time. The problem is he doesn’t have anything worth to direct, with ‘Thattathin Marayath’. Better luck next time!
Verdict: Not up to the mark! No story, unimpressive scripting…
Rating: 2/5


  1. jijibchandran And kuttoosaa!
    LuV u guyZ!!
    U r soo r8!

    Avante oru Review! One of the Best movies!
    N The way the movie is Shot iS ouTstanDing!
    Kolloola ennu parayaan vendi maathram movie kaanallu!

  2. Very average movie. Although, Vineeth Sreenivasan is 30, he’s not matured beyond 20 in this story. Pretty much predictable storyline and that’s the main problem. Probably he should only direct and someone else should write the story.

    What’s positive about the movie? Nivin Pauly, though not a hero material, has done well in this movie as Vinod so is Abdu his side kick Abdu. Some teenage type comedies are good given the age group pictured. Vineeth has excelled in his shots and songs are very good.

    Bad: Sreenivasan is there only for the sake of it. Manoj K Jayan has a funny role to make mockery out of the Kerala Police. And the heroine has nothing to do but show her beautiful face.

    Overall 2 to 2.5 on 5.

    (PS: Am I surprised that many youngsters and college going students rating it high?)

  3. really i hv no saw ‘tattathin marayathu’ .. But i want to see this movie. Becoze i have lern many good futures of this movie….؛…………. njhan kettath ”its a very very good movie” i love this movie

  4. really i hv no saw ‘tattathin marayathu’ .. But i want to see this movie. Becoze njhan kettath ”its a very very good movie” i love this movie

  5. Eda reviewer ‘A’ ninakku cinemaye kurichu koppariyam. Ithoru kidilan cinemaya. Vineeth , nivin , isha, shan, jomon, ranjan, aju, bhagat, manoj, each and every person behind and infront of the screen, last but not the least sreenivasan and mukesh to produce such a good film needs appreciation. Hats off to all who helped tm.

  6. watched this movie, i could not get any entertainment from this movie. script& comdey not up to the mark. good treatment of romance in a different way and camera also good. we cant call this movie as a new generation movie. 22FK, traffic, beautiful, etc.. are new generation movies. Vineeth:- you have to take care about the script.


  7. Eda vimarshakare,ningalku poyi chathude…verum vimarshikan mathramayi janicha kazhuthal.nalla film kandal athu nallathenu paranjhoode..ningalokke malayalikalano.
    Malayalikalude vila kalayan.. Vineeth .it’s best,evergreen movie.

  8. before going to watch the movie i felt it will be a nice movie. because i really enjoy the malarvadi arts club.but the movie was totally boring.i cannot point atleast one good aspect of the movie.i felt like running out of theater.somehow i managed to stay in the theater.the role of nanoj k jayan doesn’t make any sense.on the contrary my friends likes this movie.for me this is the worse love story heard in my rating 4.5/10

  9. Super ennu madhram njan parazhilla……
    Karanam njan kandhathil eniku eree ishttapettathum eniyum kanan agrahikunnathum…
    Njan 9 pravishyam thattathinmarayathu pooozhi kandootto…..enizhum kananam..ennanu manasu parazhunnathu…
    Vineeth etta orazhiram abhivathyanagal asham sakalum…

  10. I came here after googling to find out if I was crazy to not like the movie when everyone else was going gaga over it..Thank you Rakesh for this honest review! Before anyone lynches me, let me say I liked Nivin’s acting, Isha’s face, the songs, dialogues, Vineeth’s visual sense and wit. Where it faltered was the chatacterizations. On the one hand, Aisha seems to be bold and making independent choices, on the other, she does not have the guts to follow thru on them. And Vinod seemed persistent and bold but at the end gave up far too easily. When he went missing, I really thought he would have followed her to trivandrum, which would have been consistent with his character earlier. But instead he was sitting aimlessly gazing out to the sea on the pier! And what is this love everyone is commenting about? Can he even go beyond her pretty face? He doesn’t even know her mother’s name, doesn’t know who she is! And she doesn’t know or care to know who he is either! She just loves that he ‘loves’ her…and if that love fades when her beauty fades, will they both love each other then? This is not love and I am so disappointed that such a talented storyteller like Vineeth chose to make this when he had the power and talent to write about true, mature love instead!

  11. This review means only one thing u dont have peoples opinion. After ur this review i wont check this site for another films review for sure.
    I liked the movie.

  12. who the hell WROTE THIS stupid reVIEW!!!!!!!!
    huh !!!! u blind ????? i guesss!!! n i hav watched it too!! n hav the just opp opinion wat u hav written !!!! stupid peoplee!!!!

  13. Camera, dialogs and songs are superb. Nothing more to watch in this film. Climax is predictable. Just a plain love story. No twist…No actions…No suspense… Nivin Pauly is good.

  14. if you are in true love,then you will love this,or it may make you feel something,or miss something ………..
    nyc film with no particular except love and comedy

  15. Nannayi ennu paranjhal ath kuranjh pokhum ath kondhu superanu mone double super vineethin arhicha vijayaman vineeth ilove you njhan randhu pravashyam khandhu eniyum kananamennund vineeth you are the best in world

  16. uenthu review anu mashe. .nalla presentation athanu ithinte good side.vineeth oru thudakka kaaran anu.apol nammal avane encourge cheyuka.adyam padam kananam.then review . .k

  17. Bad review….. I saw the film today nd it was just stupendous….. Its one of those films dat one would like to see over nd over again….. Avante ammayiappante review…

  18. Somehow I feel that Vineeth Srinivasan should focus on some kind of Album producing than singing, acting and directing movies. Srinivasan had at least written some great scripts and acted in some good movies (despite his limited acting skills) – The son is far far behind him despite being an average singer.

  19. awsummmmmm… movie….!! <3 <3 <3
    fo de 1st tym in malylm …..a true luv story ….n moreovr,…sum of de dialogs r suprb….!!!!

  20. Well, this may b ur view, nd u may hav enuf reasons to prove it… But pls keep this in mind dat the film is runng succsfully all ovr. Movies lyk ‘TM’ make a strong move against piracy(Morovr its a truth dat the youth compete amng themslves to watch it more than twice)…!!! As per ma knwldge i dnt hrd any bad comnts yet, not only frm the youth but also frm the elder genrations… And speakng about Vineeth, he has juz provd that he is “Jr.Sreenivasan”…!!! Hats off to all the crew behnd this superb movie… Well, if mere criticism is all wat u aim at, am staying silent…

  21. Kopile film, damn, ashamed
    how dare u create this Noncense film. Why u selectd a muslim grl for diz role, a nair girl also beautiful for diz , or both are same religion.
    Islam nte right nu athireya ninte kople film, muslim s ne kurich film unda kumbol ni anneshikanarunu. Vineethe ni big flop aada, collectnl alla, ninte filmz

  22. How can u tell like dis Mr.Reviewer??This Film is a feel good movie and above average..Better please stop review writing…

  23. hats off to vineeth and shan for this excellent movie and amazing music….
    this is the best movie that i have seen in malayalam recenty… also,,,,,

    nivin poly,,,, what a brilliant actor you are…..
    i become a great fan of you…..

  24. heyyyyyy…..padam kanathe vallavanum parayunna ket immaathiri mattedathe review ini melil ittekkallu…my ratin- 9/10….

  25. avante oru koppile review . . padam supera. . 1 min polum bohr adikila. . evnu padam kandapu urakam vannu polum. . kastam

  26. its a goooooood film and how can you say that malarvadi arts club is a good movie………? malarvadi is not a good movie but thattathin marayath is awsome……… and i will watch this film one more time………………

  27. Poda Pulle. avante mangatholi review!. purathu kandal ninne njan adichu pirithu kalayum panni!



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