Sound Thoma Malayalam Movie Review


downloadSound Thoma Malayalam Movie Review

Producer– Anoop

Director– Vysakh

Cast– Dileep, Saikumar, Namitha Pramod, Mukesh, Suraaj Venjaramoodu etc.

Music– Gopi Sundar

Editing by– Mahesh Narayanan

Review By : Unni R Nair ( )


I won’t say I am disappointed with ‘Sound Thoma’. This because I had some preconceptions about this Dileep starrer with script by Benny P Nayarambalam and with the protagonist having some issues with his voice, as was revealed by the promos and posters. I should say that the film, in a way, fits perfectly into that slot of my expectations. But at the same time, since it’s Vysakh who directs the movie, I thought it would be a bit more loud, colourful and hilarious and in that sense it’s a bit disappointing as well.

‘Sound Thoma’ is OK for someone who looks for a Dileep kind of entertainer, especially in the category of ‘Chanthupottu’ and ‘Chakkaramuthu’. It has almost all the ingredients that you’d expect out of such an entertainer. But there is an issue with the pace; there is also an issue with the packaging. Coming out of the theatre after the very first show, I heard a young chap commenting, “Onnukil full comedy aavanam allenkil full serious aayirikkanam” (‘It should either be a thorough comedy flick or else it should have been a serious film’). Well, that’s regarding the flow, the thing that keeps viewers glued to their seats. There are some flaws, but that’s OK I would say. The film is very much likely to attract the family audience and turn a hit.

Thoma (Dileep) is the youngest son of Poulose (Saikumar), a greedy and miserly money-lender for whom money means everything. It’s hence that he disowns his eldest son Mathai (Mukesh), who had got married to a Muslim girl and lives now by selling fish. Mathai also got converted and is now Musthafa. It’s his miserly nature that had made Poulose refuse to get Thoma treated at birth for a cleft lip related voice disorder which would have been very easily done away with, but by spending a big amount for the surgery. Hence Thoma now has a cleft lip and has terrible speech problems. His father too considers him a good-for-nothing guy. Poulose on the other hand pins much hope on his second son Joy (Shiju), especially because he is well educated and could fetch a very big amount as dowry. Thoma meanwhile loves Sreelekshmi (Namitha Pramod), who is a Radio Jockey and whose father (Vijayaraghavan) too is a singer. But Sreelekshmi never reciprocates the love and Thoma goes on following her, trying to win her over. In the meantime Poulose, on account of his greedy and miserly nature and also because he never tries to help people around him, earns enemies who are after him in one way or the other. Joy meanwhile marries an orphan and thus is ousted from Poulose’ house, just like his elder brother. So now, it’s all between Poulose and his ‘useless’ son Thoma…

Nothing new or different, I’d say. The film is just another addition to the list of the usual Dileep films and has a story line penned on similar lines. ‘Chanthupottu’ was definitely better on account of better packaging and also because it was more colourful. ‘Sound Thoma’ however would find place among the passable Dileep starrers and I don’t think I have too much to say about it. It would have been different had it been more colourful, loud and pacy and with much more of humour added to it. As of now, it’s OK for a one time watch…


Dileep has played his part convincingly, though there is nothing to be called outstanding, except the cleft and voice-modulation part. Well, we know he could deliver that perfectly well. As regards mannerisms and the other aspects of acting, he is very much the same old Dileep. Saikumar too does his part convincingly while the others fit into their respective roles. Suraaj may get noted.  But it’s Dileep and Saikumar who occupy the centre stage and hence others don’t get much to do…

Technical aspects

The technical aspects are all in tune with the mood and tempo. Shaji’s camerawork is good.


Background music suits the mood, but the songs don’t impress much. They are just average ones. The ‘Thoma star’ number may get popular to an extent, but won’t last long…


Benny P Nayarambalam definitely could have done it better. It seems he took Dileep for granted this time and focused more on the story than the ingredients that are needed for a Dileep brand of entertainer to be loud and colourful. The script is not bad, but it definitely should have been better.


I have to say that Vysakh, who is also a personal friend of mine, seems to be going down as regards his directorial graph. I like him as a maker of entertainers and also know he can and would come up with serious films. But all the same I have to say it’s a dip in his graph. From ‘Pokkiri Raja’ to ‘Seniors’ to ‘Mallu Singh’, for me personally the graph seemed to dip little by little. Well, that sometimes happens with directors who opt to make entertainers. This time, with ‘Sound Thoma’, there has been a greater dip. You don’t get to see much of Vysakh in the film. Anyhow, on the box-office side, Vysakh may be delivering yet another hit. But I’d say it’s now time for him to do something loud, colourful and pacy like ‘Pokkiri Raja’ or change tracks and do something different….

VerdictOK for Dileep fans and the family audience.

Rating: 2.5/5



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