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The 28 year old Malayalm super star Prithviraj tied the knot with Supriya Menon today (25/4/2011).The wedding fuctioon was held at a private resort in Palakkad. The function was attended by around 30 close family members from both side.

Prithviraj’s mother Mallika Sukumaran, elder actor brother Indrajith and wife Poornima also attended.

Supriya Menon is the daughter of Chandra Menon and Padmaja and she is working as BBC news reporter in Mumbai.

A grand reception is expected to be held on May 1 at the banquet hall of the five star Hotel Le Meridian in Ernakulam.

Click Here To View Prithviraj Supriya Menon Wedding More Exclusive Photos


  1. HY sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! m a gr8 fan of urs….although m nt a malayali bt still i watch as my dad belongs to kerela…….happy anniversary in advance…..

  2. Hi eda raj ne theri parayunna thendikale neeyokke eppozhum 1980 il anoda jeevikkunnathu 70’um 80’um vayasaya kilavanmar kochu penkuttikale keri pidikkunnathu kandu rasikkunna ninne onnum paranjittu karyamilla pinne raj marrige cheyithathinu ningalkenthada kadi ninteyonnum pengale allallo kettiyathu ,neeyokke pattumenkil kanda mathiyeda raj nte filim

  3. Hai…janangalude support illengil your nothing…do you forget that?ok..privacy venamm.but you have commitment towards public.oru padu superstars undu..avarkonnumilatha oru jada… I think its your inferiorarity complex! ethipidikanakathathilulla dukham. You have only one type of acting.ore style… Its boring..urumiyilum aa sambhashana saily avarthichu…wait..khshamichu vinayathode try cheyyuka othewise you will dump…

  4. Poyi chakada pulle!! enthina ingane jeevikkunne? ninte market kazhinju..inim poyi chakada paratta rayappan pulle!!

  5. Hai Raju ,UR selection is very nice.. But height ? Itz ok yyaar ht is not a prblm if love is true.. Wish u a happy married lyf..

  6. Helloooo Prithviiiiiiii its a nice joddi…….Best of luck,,,,,,, God bless u and u r wife.


  8. wish u a happy married life…. sherikkum raju………sahathapam undu k to ninakku ee gathi vannathil..Keralathilae news reportermar adapathichu poyathu kondano ne angu daaaravi verae poyathu????

  9. Hi PRITHVI,
    Happy married life. But your choice is very bad. But I think she is a good person. What ever it is your choice. All the best….

  10. Hi, nobody really cares….(you might be wishing the other way round). Feel so funny when you talk about yours and your wife’s intellectuality. Dont you know that intellectual people do not talk about themselves. Anyway good luck and try to put your jaada down.

  11. wish u all the best for a melodious life. its u r personal life. nobody can do judgement. so go ahead. i wish u vl meet all u r sweet expectations in supriya .

  12. Hey prithvi u r an actor…Janangalai verupikkalanne than eppo cheythathe…Ethe ningal vayikuononum enikariyilla…Ennalum paraya enganeyulla oru pani vendayirunnu…Eppo nhangalke edayil oru bad impression vannu…supriya is looking not bad…anyway happy married life…

  13. You are a coward and hippocrat.
    You made everybody fool.
    What do you think, if public came to know they will rush to your wedding ceremony.
    I feel pity that you are in fool’s paradise.
    And you are nomore in the hearts of your fans with the same image as you have before. You will notice it.
    Moreover you are not that much a good actor yet, still in the range of Jayasurya, Kunjacko Boban,….

  14. Hey!!! What to say. Was that a shocking news? Yes it was, since you stressed that much with your own speech, did’nt find anyone, have no time for love now, have to get married but not anywhere soon, etc etc..So all of a sudden “Prithviraj got married”, that for real? WHY WHY you have to prevaricate on your marriage? Be proud and bold to say the world “I’m getting married to someone I love”. Wow!!! impressive with the selection. Supriya is good. Have to say you got the BRAIN not the BEAUTY. Wish you both good luck. I’m a fan of you, there is not change going to happen with my love to you, even if you are married or not.


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