My Boss Malayalam Movie Review


My Boss Malayalam Movie Review

Producer- East Coast Vijayan

Director- Jeethu Joseph

Cast- Dileep, Mamta Mohandas, Saikumar, Kalabhavan Shajon, Anand etc.

Music- Sejo John and M.Jayachandran

Background music- Gopi Sundar

Review By : Unni R Nair ( )

Mamta as the Boss and Dileep as her assistant, a posh office with the usual filmi kind of office guys (and gals too), clashes between the boss and the assistant- all this is what the trailers led you to expect out of Jeethu Joseph’s new film ‘My Boss’. So you don’t just know what to expect, you also know that the story would move on predictable lines. Yes, that’s what ‘My Boss’ is. Since I expected the film to be on these lines, I should say I was not at all disappointed. Time pass stuff, I’d say, though the comedy doesn’t work out at times. Nothing more about it, it’s just passable fare, a neatly done entertainer which of course could have been much better.

Manu Varma (Dileep) has come to Mumbai to join as an executive assistant to Priya S Nair (Mamta), who heads the marketing team in a leading company. It’s his first job and he doesn’t know that Priya is an extremely difficult kind of boss. No one likes to work under this young, dynamic lady who’s an Australian citizen with her roots in Kerala. She’s a real headache for her people and is anything but soft-spoken.

So Manu joins up as Priya’s assistant and the story takes off from here. Not divulging the details not just because it kills the interest but also because you can very well imagine how things would end up.

So, as said earlier, there is not much to say about the plot and the treatment except that it’s packaged well. The humour element could have been worked out better, especially the humour pertaining to the supporting characters. There are also things that seem totally out of place and illogical. But enjoyable fare ‘My Boss’ certainly is.


If you ask me which other actress could have played the boss so well, I think I don’t have an answer. Mamta has done her part really well and in many ways the film belongs to her. Dileep does his part in his characteristic style and is good as well. Of the others Saikumar deserves mention and plays Manu’s father convincingly.

Technical aspects

Cinematography by Anil Nair and art-direction by Sabu Ram suit the mood and tempo of the film. Editing is by V.Saajan.


I don’t think I remember any of the songs in ‘My Boss’. In fact this seems to have become the norm with most films these days; songs are very much forgettable. “Enthinennariyilla…” seems more like an album song and doesn’t get appreciated. The background score is good.


Nothing outstanding about the script, which is also by Jeethu Joseph. Just feel like mentioning that he could and should have handled the comedy sequences better, especially the ‘Saree scene’ and some other scenes. But in total he has done a ‘clean’ job.


Jeethu Joseph showed promise with his debut film ‘Detective’, he earned success with his second film ‘Mummy and Me’ and now again he is likely to earn a hit in ‘My Boss’. But it seems his graph is going down, on the creative side and the quality side. I feel he should try a different genre next time. Well, as for ‘My Boss’, all I can say is he has done a film that can be enjoyed and forgotten.

Verdict- A film that can be enjoyed and forgotten. Predictable, but OK for time pass.

Rating: 2.5/5



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