Manoj K Jayan’s Second Marriage News


Popular Malayalam supporting star Manoj K Jayan is tied the knot again.After two years from his divorce from actress Urvashy.According to latest buzz,Manoj K Jayan has got married to Asha a native of Varkala.The marriage held on last Thursday 3/3/2011 at Thrissur.The marriage was a very private affair with only close friends and family members.The media were not informed.

Manoj K Jayan married to Urvashi in 2000 and they got separated on Wednesday 15th of October 2008 by Chennai court order.The two have a daughter from this marriage,the legal battle over their daughter’s custody is still on.

Manoj K Jayan has won the Kerala State Film Award twice for Best Supporting Actor in Hariharan’s Sargam (1992) and Second Best Actor for Hariharan’s Pazhassi Raja (2009).


  1. A wedding is a commitment . An honourable man can keep it instead of abandoning her when she loses her good looks and will be able to look past her flaws .

    Didn’t the problems begin after she got the award for Achuvinte Amma ? Ego . Uruvashi made a mistake to choose Manoj . She deserves someone a hell a lot better .

  2. manojetta..u r a vry gud man..ipozhanu chetanu cherna pennine kittiyath..urvasi need dis..kilavi ayitum husbandinem kuttiyem nokathe cinemayil abhinayikan nadanathinu venam..

  3. Urvashiyude jeevitham poyi. Avalk nalla prayathil kalyanam kazhichirunnel nannai jeevikkamayirunnu athinum venam bhagyam alle valya star aayittum karyamilla

  4. I agreed ur decision Mr.manoj. Urvashiyude mathramalla bharthavine respect cheyyatha ellavarkum ith oru padamavatte. Allelum e star pennungalk oru ‘L’ kooduthala

  5. Chetta,
    Enne ariyilla chettanu…..sornatilulla eathu aabharanavum etrayo yaathanakal anubhavichanu avasanam angane aakunnathu.athu pole eniyula chetante jeevithavum paniyellam kazhinja oru sornamaala pole aakatte..wish u a happy marriage life..god bless u…by abhi kilimanoor

  6. Manojetta , u made a wrong decision on 2000 and u corrected it after 8 years.
    All the Best wishes to u and ur family ! Now u have made a wonderful choice ! God bless u !

  7. best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Congrats manojetta.all the very best for your married life .GOD BLESS YOU

  8. eda Manojeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ne cheythath valare nala 1karyamanuu………………aa pandarathine kond kalanjath nannayiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……….GOD BLESS UUU4tat GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but ts girl NO wmn PORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….MMM OPKAM.AL D BEST

  9. nannayi mone manoje……………entayalum urvashiyekkaal bhetam anu eval ennu tonunnu………pakshe evalku vere bhartaav londonil undo?????????verutae entina vaziyil kidanna vayyaveli………………

  10. Asha & Manoj,
    it’s a good decision. but, Urvassy ini enthu cheyyum? puthiya bandhathilenkilum nanmakal varatte…………. GOD BLESS YOU………!

  11. haha

    dear asha manoj k jayan

    no god is gonna bless you ..ur husband and people in london know how good u are ..fuck u bitch

  12. Hi manoj, At last you did the right thing for your baby girl and for you. Ningalude familye dyvam anugrahikkatte…….Ninne ella arthathilum manassilakkanum ninte makalem ninnem snehikkanum Asha kk kazhiyatte…..all the best manoj & Asha…


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