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Mammooty’s son Salman is getting married. As a part, the engagement is fixed on 21st of this month and wil be conducted at Mammooty’s residence at Adayar, “Salmahath”, in Madras. The lucky lady is from outside Kerala who got an Urudu high status Muslim background. Making a difference in whatever he does, he found his star stones in his dad’s business and handled it with great success. There were news of him entering into the film industry, following his dad’s steps,but the one who completed his MBA from America, was well versed in business dealings rather than filmy screens. It was said that he is making debut in a Tamil movie but as we say rumors are always rumors. Presently, he is in control of Mammooty,s Play House and is dealing with dad’s software and other business. Even though he is good friends with many celebrities, he never got into the industry. Mammooty is daughter, Surumi, was married in the same way. And now, the Super star is in great excitement so this may be the delay in star dates.

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