Malayalam Movie Three Kings Stills,Review,Pictures

Movie Name:Three Kings

Director:V K Prakash

Producer:V K Prakash,Vachan Shetty
Cast:Jayasurya,Kunchako Boban,Indrajith,Ann Augustine,Samvrutha Sunil,Sandhya

Story:Comming Soon

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  1. hey….y u guts everyone talking like this movie is a waste?its a super comedy movie……like CID MOOSA!I enjoyed it a lot!!If u didnt like the movie….its ok…..but dont tell that it’s a waste.Actually its entertaining comedy movie!!

  2. entammeeeeeeeeee, Stupid movie… Please do not waste your time, waste of director”s time, waste of producers money ….

  3. Really an idiotic movie which will insult you humar sense and intelegence . Do not watch ,do not waste mony & your time . A third rate movie

  4. Its an utterly waste, time killing substandard film.never watch this film. the director himself doesnt know ….how to windup the film?so pity of u? so plz stop directing such movies….and simple advise is keep on seeing movies to reflux the pulse of audience…..

  5. Three Kings ..
    Great flop of this year .. what a 3rd rate comedy ..

    Director:V K Prakash .. Is this guy is a joker in circus group .. Dont watch this movie .. ever worst movie .. dont watch this .. waste of money


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