Malayalam Movie Sahasram Review


Movie Name : Sahasram
Rating : 3/5
Cast : Suresh Gopi, Madhu, Bala, Jagathy, Suresh Krishna, Rizabava and Lakshmi Gopalswamy
Direction : Janardhanan
Production : T M Surendran
Music : M Jayachandran

Story :
Bala plays the role of Vaishakhan, an art director who loses his actress lover Yamuna (Sarayu) who takes her own life due to misunderstanding.It is actor Sudheer (Suresh Krishna) who plays the villain in their life, being persistently after Vyshakhan’s lover with lecherous intentions.Vyshakhan now a drug addict is forced to come back to films by a Production Controller Raghupathi (Jagathy Sreekumar), a well wisher of his.It’s thus that Vyshakhan lands up at a desolate ancestral house in a distant place, to study the locations and draw sketches for the film Yakshiyambalam. But he has some strange experiences and sees strange visions and is harrowed.

Once the shooting for the film begins Vyshakhan comes face-to-face with his bitter enemy Sudheer. But Raghupathy calms him down and things go on.The heroine of the film is Supriya (Sandhya), who is shockingly similar to the girl whom Vyshakhan had seen in his vision and who is Sreedevi, who lived in the same house years ago and is no longer alive.Things get more mysterious as an actor Sudheer (Suresh Krishna), gets killed during the shooting of a lengthy scene.Sahasranamam IPS (Suresh Gopi) is brought in to probe into it and his brilliance is revealed as he unveils the mysteries behind the crime in style.

Perfomance :
Suresh Gopi, who doesn’t don the khakhi for this film, does justice to the role of Vishnusahasranamam while Sandhya is great as Supriya and Sreedevi. Bala sports a different look as Vyshakhan and does justice to the role. The others are all impressive in their respective roles.

Direction :
Dr. Janardhanan’s ‘Sahasram’ is of course happens to be much better than his debut directorial venture, the Mohanlal-starrer ‘Mahasamudram’.The director has put in a little bit of everything into this movie, be it mystery, murder or myths and has vigorously stirred them up.

Overall verdict:
Sahasram manages to give the feeling that things could have been better,if it was written in a more disciplined way. The ideas and implications are very much there, but ultimately there is an overdose of them, with very few being convincingly worked out.In total, ‘Sahasram’ doesn’t stand out as an outstanding stuff and is just another passable fare.


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