Krishnanum Radhayum Review


Krishnanum Radhayum Review

Review By : Thanseer M.A /

It all started with Silsila. People enjoyed Silsila as a social burden, the malady of media being available to everyone.  Like police who come to bring situation under control, before arrival of (corrupt) leaders, Silsila’s responsibility was to prepare the world for the inevitable disaster. With the entry of Krishnanum Radhayum, Silsila became a wet cracker while KR turned out to be an atom bomb.

There are five heroines and all the important positions in film are handled by the genius alone. All great men had foes. No exception in case of Santhosh Pandit too. Love him or hate him but you just can’t avoid him.

A word to the mastermind

Santhosh, don’t forget you belong to the big league.  Your competitors are not Prithviraj or Surya, not even Mammootty or Mohanlal. Your entry seems to shake the thrones of Rajnikanth and Shahrukh. With your humbleness, you won’t accept it, but it’s the truth. Evidence is the hysteria and uncontrollable energy which spring up in audience to a level of madness, even when your name comes on screen.


No negatives to say about debutant Santhosh Pandit, even though some of his casts haven’t been as brilliant as himself. Of course, we can’t expect everyone to be a perfectionist as Santhosh. Brownie points for the actor who showed great creativity while portraying the complexities of character.

Viewers can’t think of casting anyone except our daring hero who stands for truth and justice, who is against all vices. When he walks in slow motion in his shirt and pants, it enthralls the hall. With his earth shattering dialogue presentation onscreen, Santhosh is a Cheetah, an elephant or even a roaring lion.

But for some old minds, his acting was unacceptable. Don’t worry Santhosh, as far as I see yours is a unique sort of acting Malayalees haven’t witnessed before. I presume in coming times these people will realize your histrionic ability and will be taught world wide in film schools. Movement of your facial muscles will be the subject of research.

Pundit’s writing and philosophy

The suffocation he has gone through in the writing stage of Krishnanum Radhayum is incomparable with other artists. His imagination has run wild in the writing stage. This gem of a writer has produced some of the greatest quotes and introduced it to us through this film.

This genius brings us many philosophies; each of his dialogues has over a hundred meaning which is connected to all spheres to human endeavor like in case of Holy Books. To prove my points these are nuggets of wisdom to refresh your memory.

Oru Pattykku athinte Vaalu kondu…..

Panniyude Ishta Bakshanam Malamanu

Oru kurudan mattoryu kurudanu…..

In theatre I couldn’t hear all the dialogues due to the gung ho audience.  So I may not have thoroughly understood the depth in which dialogue and film communicate.


Songs are better than many released in this decade.  Audience may feel to have heard it before. So what, even the biggest hit – Anuraga Vilochana was a copy of Kajra Mohabbat Wala from film Kismat. It appears Ouseppachan is his favorite music director apart from himself.


What if Saroj Kumar comes to act, write, produce and direct his own film? When the manacle gets goosy, there will be no one to control.

When the father suicide as his daughter marries the man of her dreams (Pundit), the daughter and her husband take it so calmly. Mother who won’t get moved even when she discovers that her daughter got killed was taken with great skill which terrifies seasoned filmmakers.


The deadliest weapon in his armory is the stunt scenes; each has worked out well in the film.


Costume department is another area of expertise where Santhosh showed his caliber. Every costume which was designed and used will stay in viewer’s mind. Pundit’s dressing sense is uncompromising and inimitable.


Santhosh’s smile can make audience violent.  His comedy makes them ferocious. What ever happens in story, whether it is stunt, comedy, tragedy, viewers are happy and cheering for the star. Occasional abuses can also be heard. I suspect superstars are sending their gang to abuse the most talented and upcoming, Panditji. His fans kindly warn them to stay away from mess.

He may not be the best actor in India, and his fans are ready to accept that. But in star power he is second to none. Even though, the entertainment value is unmatched, those who have not seen him before may misunderstand him for a maniac. From the beginning to end, viewers were making comments, laughing and dancing. There was oneness inside the theatre.

Movie is a masala film; it gives many social messages which will change the morale of Keralites. No artist has ever touched the common public like Santhosh Pundit.

Dosage for maximum effect – For maximum entertainment watch with your best friends at theatres.

Caution – Watching the film more than once may create mental agitation, nausea, slow reflex action, anxiety disorder, mood swings, depression etc.

Our Rating : 6/5  🙂


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  1. As a beginner, he has done his level best in his first film. Just think how difficult is it to write a single line of a song or compose music. I have some suggestions. He is good as a director, song writer, music composer and other background works. But not suitable for acting, singing & stunt. It will be good if he uses other professionals for such roles. Best wishes to Santhosh Pandit. Just view his qualifications in his website to see whether he is a fool or a REAL PANDIT!!! (Visit

  2. Alcoholic consumption + Crime rate, kerala won national award. Our `Waste management’ is awaiting Tourism international award!!. Leave Santhosh Pandit & write comment against this.. .Don’t to be jealous …He earn enough money from his own creation ie; Psychological way … You must have to see his will power and tactic to achieve goals…try to respect society ,nature& culture as a civilized generation.. film industry also a part of our culture..` need to be diagnosed’ ..

  3. I couldnt even sit through the first half hour…and the dialogues..sheesh there is no dialoge just some old pazhancholu thats it..he has a natural comic body language.stick to that…..and forget abt singing and song writing ….the music direction is not too shabby

  4. To all those bashing this guy for this movie and songs:
    Every single one of your adored superstars did every single mistake Pandit made. All this movie lacked was crores of money, technology, and experienced actors. Even now, almost every malayalam movie I see being released are glossed over versions of K&R. As a matter of fact, K&R were actually better than the movies by our superstars as it actually had a story instead of different versions of the same plot designed to make the main star look superman.
    Thank you and hope this movie will change the movie industry the right way.

  5. I can clearly see some people paid others to write bad against santhosh. as we can see this kind of reaction in som of the interview. santhosh turned out to be a quantum leap. he is outstanding. If people in kerala see srinivasan and mukesh as heroes. then why not this fellow. all i can say is bad politics of amma. santhosh is not insult to movies. the one bastards who had been taking movies for last 60 years the cheap quality. santhosh is holliwood quality and they are jelous of his powers.

  6. Today most of us are thinking Santhosh is a fool. But I am thinking he is a genius acting in front of us as a fool. He is giving publicity for his film using by this act.
    See, super stars are showing ‘extreme high’ in their movies – this Santhosh are showing ‘extreme low’. Even if it is low, it is extreme – this is Santhosh’s trick to get audience.
    I remember his words in one of the interview, ‘I have used my negatives maximum in this movie’. His next movie will make sure ‘he is a fool or genius’. He made his movie hit using his ‘Logic(Extreme low and acting as a fool)’ not story or any other usual factors. Lets wait for what ‘logic’ he will use in next movie- his next movie will decide his career in the film industry. 

  7. i have not seen the movie but the review is too good and sincerely pray that such movies should not be encouraged as it will have a negative effect on the malayalam industry which had given the greats like bharathan padmarajan

  8. Pandit does the same that our superstars does in masala movies. So why some people are calling him names? Pandits punch dialogues in this film resembles me mone dinesha & savari giri. His dance resembles Mammooty in gulan

  9. santhosh pandit has paved the way for any dogs in kerala to build a cinema of his own…..


  10. very good ethayalum malayalathil

    yuvakkalil oralkkum chankurappill

    (kunjakko boban ,jayasurya , manikuttan


    ,indrajithu etc.) kazivullavarku cinimayum kodukkilla ( BALA, AJMAL AMMEER etc.)

  11. The movie review posted here is strongly biased, and I am shameful that I came to comment here. Absolutely ridiculous movie. And now some of you may think, why did you watch the film, if its bad. I didn’t watch the film, I came to know about the film from mouthasaid comments. Worst film, made to destroy the Malayalam film industry. Certainly it went viral, and review poster has done a good job in blowing up the “lie balloon”.

  12. When i was studying in a professional college in tvm, we friends thought our friend, Mahesh, could become a Big Guy in History of Malayalam Cinema, but FATE is overturned here…What Santhosh Pandit has achieved is like we lost a great booster acting career which Mahesh was to capture…. thundering typhoons…and blistering bladdering barnacles…sorry mr. mahesh….Dont worry! Now, santhosh pandit has paved the way for any dogs in kerala to build a cinema of his own…….Mahesh, you are lucky to have your gates opened from worldly glitches…all my best wishes for SPandit’s next venture, JITHU bhai……..kudos!

  13. ini malayala cinema panditinu munpum panditin sheshavum ennayirikum ariyapeduka………… boyzzzz……….

  14. Awesome review…in a fashionable manner..for such a stupid movie…media popularising such movies will encourage, many hidden santhosh pandits to bring out their creativity to limelight.Its no wonder,with such publicity,the film has audience in the theatres..on contrary to movies like “Veeraputran”.

  15. Thanks for the execellent review of “KR” I like the abbreviation;it gives a feeling that it is at par with DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhaniya Lejayenge). Jokes apart,this guy has proved that publicity (never mind eventhough it is on the negative side) can be achieved even if you do the worst thing. It’s a fact that there are takers and promoters for anything in Kerala. Another interesting thing is that even a toddler in kerala knows Santosh Pandit and the publicity he got from the media and social networking sites will last atleast for the next 25 years. I am sure that I won’t forget this guy in my lifetime. I believe that his venture in filmmaking will take him to new heights as some mainstream directors will definitely offer him a slot in their casting just to take advantage of his immense popularity. No wonder he will be considered as an inevitable part in the forthcoming movies of other directors.


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