Hero Malayalam Movie Review


Producer- G P Vijayakumar

Director- Diphan

Cast- Prithviraj, Anoop Menon, Srikanth, Yami Gautam, Thalaivasal Vijay etc.

Music- Gopi Sundar

Review By : Unni R Nair/ Kerala9.com


Two questions that we need to ask ourselves, after we had seen Diphan’s Prithviraj starrer ‘Hero’:

  • What did I expect out of the film?
  • Why is it that ‘Hero’ is not as big a crowd-puller as Diphan’s earlier ‘Puthiya Mugham’?

Find honest, realistic answers to these questions and you get a review- your own review- of ‘Hero’.

Lemme begin with my answers to these questions….

Well, to be honest, I expected ‘Hero’ to be almost what it is. Of course I did expect it to be a bit more fast, crisp and a bit different.

Why ‘Hero’ is not as big a crowd-puller as ‘Puthiya Mugham’ is something that we got to ponder on. Maybe the new kind of films that are made these days- like ’22 Female Kottayam’, ‘Diamond Necklace’, ‘Ordinary’ etc- lead the audience to expect Diphan and Prithviraj to deliver something on those lines. Or maybe Diphan failed to work out the subject the way it should have been worked out? Some flaws have come in, which if avoided, could have made the film much better.

‘Hero’ tells the story of fight-artists who work in films. The film takes off with Dharmarajan Master (Thalaivasal Vijay), who has retired from films as a stunt artist, worrying about how to get his daughter married off. His wife advises him to go meet director Adityan (Anoop Menon), who is going to make a new film. Adityan, who shares a good bond with Dharmarajan, agrees to let him compose one fight in the film, though he had already committed the work to Uday (Bala), who is Dharmarajan’s nephew and disciple. Adityan asks Dharmarajan to use Uday’s assistants and Dharmarajan goes to Uday to discuss that. But Uday doesn’t cooperate and even insults him. It’s then that Dharmarajan, who is left with no options now, goes and meets Antony (Prithviraj), now known as Tarzan Antony, whom he had sent away long back and who has now forgotten all about films and works more like a goonda and lives in a slum. Antony at first refuses, though politely and with all due respect to his guru, but then he later agrees. Thus Antony makes a comeback, performing an action sequence for the hero of the film, Premanand (Srikanth), who is Adityan’s friend and also a poor actor. (Premanand is also the son of the State Home Minister). From here the story takes off and moves of course on predictable lines.

As for me, I expected the film to move on predictable lines and I don’t see that as a negative thing, if that doesn’t get in the way of my enjoying a film. I wanted and expected to see Prithviraj fighting, dancing and playing to the masses and that’s what ‘Hero’ is.

But then, there are things that I didn’t like about the film. Let me list them out (Diphan, my dear friend, please excuse me, this is my job!)

  • The introduction of the hero, isn’t it old fashioned and a bit overdone?
  • The songs, most of them seem to be choreographed in a similar manner, with the hero dancing almost the same way in all. The songs too are quite unimpressive.
  • The last fight, it just goes on and on and on.
  • Premanand, it’s said, is scared of fights and can’t do them on films without stunt-artists and dupes. Then how does he manage to fight so great with Antony in real, in the climax?

The rest of the film is of course not bad; I enjoyed it, except the above-said things and I feel that if it had been a bit more crisp and these aspects taken care of, ‘Hero’ would have been a real good mass movie.


Prithviraj suits the role of Tarzan Antony and he does justice to the role. Thalaivasal Vijay and Anoop Menon score in their respective roles while Srikanth plays his part satisfactorily. The heroine Yami Gautam is just about OK. All the others fit into their respective roles. Bala’s character just vanishes at one stage, but he does fit into his role perfectly well.

Technical aspects

The technical aspects are all in tune with the mood and the tempo, but we do feel that the film could have been chopped a bit more at the editing table and if so, it would have been better.


The songs are not at all impressive. Gone are the days when people would love to hear and applaud for songs like ‘Tarzan Antony, coming back to cinema…”. The songs are all almost similar and picturised almost similarly.


Vinod Guruvayoor, who has done the script, should have done it in a better manner. As of now, there are many loose ends. If he had taken care of that, the film would have been better.


Not bad Diphan, but the film could definitely have been better. The kind of packaging that had gone into the making of ‘Puthiya Mugham’ should have been adopted here and if so, ‘Hero’ would have been much better. So, better luck next time!

Verdict:  It’s what you want it to be; not bad, but could have been much better

Rating: 2.5/5


  1. Don’t say that the songs are not good. the track ‘nero nero’ sung and composed by gopi sundar is one of the best songs of this year. i’ve been hearing only this song for the last 7 days. that song came in the film at the right position also. i love that film. prithviraj was not at his best in this film.

  2. njan hero 1st releasing show kanda aalanu.. In my opinion, hero is a great movie.. Ningal mukali kodutha discription sariyalla.. Hero ena cinemayil dupe artist inte role enthanenu clear ayi parayunnu.. Hero poloru movie cheyan mohanlal ino mammoty ko cheyan kazhiyila.. Pine song.. Enthadisthanathilanu songs impressive alenu paranjath? Mohanlal inte attumanalpayayil ena song il enthu thengayada ullath..
    So, i believe, hero is great movie

  3. you guys are all stupid. the movie was good.. its an action movie and it was what it was supposed to be. It has the filmy twist and thats about it. Was fun to watch and its a guy movie thats all. Definitely the dudes commenting above me are quite a bit on the homo side thats why they could not enjoy a movie such as this.

  4. what are you talking about vinay?its watchable for youth? the current youth in kerala are not dumb. we accept good movies,according to me the best movie of the year was spirit.we don’t want movies where the lead star is exaggerated and over-rated anymore. those days are over.come back to reality.

  5. I think hero is better than puthiyamugam even though there are some weak points in the film it would a watchable movie 4 youngsters diphan failed to add mass dialogues in the movie prithvi had done his best

  6. i saw dis movie….its nt bad…..i dnt expect d emotions frm prithvi…… I nly expct d style nd stunt…..both r included in dis flm….. So i lyk it…..
    Bt dis stry is like d stry of d movie “SAROJ KUMAR”….

  7. I saw d film.. Nt at all bad.. Bt same sequences been repeated as we seen earlier in mallu films.. It’s nt so thriller.. The story goes as in the same way an audience would think off.. That’s nt d quality of a gud film.. In over all i can only compare it with the tamil,and telugu usual action movies.. That’s all.


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