Happy Darbar Movie Review


Happy Darbar Movie Review

Cast : Mukesh, Jagathy, Suraj Venjarammoodu, Captain Raju, Indrans, Tony, Kochupreman, Mohanraj and Rajasahib,

Director,Story,Screen Play: Hari Amaravila

Dialogue: Riday Razi

Producer: Shaji Cherai

Music Director: Surya Narayan

Banner: Cherai Films

Dialogue: Riday Raz

Review By : Thanseer M.A / Kerala9.com

Film, Happy Darbar was released today, in Kerala at 35 centers. No one would have expected Mukesh would get back with more than 6 movies as lead, this year. His other movie Killadi Raman was also released today. Nowadays he is mostly seen with Suraj. As expected Happy Darbar is a low budget commercial comedy movie.

Utilization of resources

Filmmaking is a game of proportions and most times it turns unfavorable to producers. Happy Darbar is made primarily keeping the budget in mind. Hari Amaravila needs praise from producer’s view point, as he has cleverly used available resources to make a movie in his vision. We can expect more movies from him.


CID comedies and tale of rags to rich environment with an element of suspense are the main ingredients of Durbar Soup. The film could have been more attractive if its popular actors were shown in songs. The film’s poster and promotions give it a low class feel. Woman audience may feel repulsion to this soup. Adding a known actress would have attracted more viewers, but will that benefit in Profit and Loss statement, is a question to ponder.


Camera was soothing and well lit.  Flashy editing was ok for a film like this.

Music is fine and dialogues are ok.


Jagathy did a good job. Mukesh, Suraj Venjarammoodu, Kochupreman and Raja Sahib did well while Mohan Raj stumbled.

Box office

Happy Darbar won’t do any magic. But what ever it gets from theatres, will be a bonus. Film is expected to make its investment. Small movies like this can be expected in coming year also. It’s a good B movie

Verdict Go with least expectation.

 Rating : 2/ 5


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