Drona 2010 Review

Mammotty_s Drona 2010 Malayalam Movie-00005
Mammotty_s Drona 2010 Malayalam Movie-00005

Review- Drona 2010

Producer- Sunil Kumar

Director- Shaji Kailas

Cast-  Mammootty, Kaniha, Navya Nair, Manoj.K.Jayan, Thilakan etc

Music- Deepak Dev

Background music- Rajamani

Lyrics- Kaithapram

Story, Screenplay, dialogues- Sajan.A.K

Review by : Unni / www.Kerala9.com

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‘Drona 2010’ (God only knows why the makers have titled the film in that way. Of course they would have been forced to change the title, after a dubbed film from Telugu with the title ‘Drona’ was released, but still the title ‘Drona 2010’ seems strange for a movie of this kind), directed by Shaji Kailas fails to appeal, to any section of the film-viewing public in Kerala. It’s so unlike any of Shaji Kailas’ film, but of course not his worst till date (Remember ‘Sunday 7 pm’?!). It could have been a better film, if the story line and the script had been handled in a different manner. But then, it would have been a different movie. As such, ‘Drona 2010’ is a terrible let-down.
‘Drona 2010’ begins as the story of Kunjunni (Mammootty), a real-estate guy who is bent on buying a ‘Mana’ (ancient type Namboothiri household) named Nettoor Mana. But there are people like the old Chithraguptan (Thilakan) and his sons Gireeshan (Manoj.K.Jayan) and Jayan (Jayan), who want to see Kunjunni’s end. They succeed in accomplishing it, and Kunjunni dies a rather mysterious kind of death. And then enters Madhavan (Mammootty in a double role), Kunjunni’s elder brother, who is well versed in matters of occult nature and knows how to beat Chithraguptan and his sons in everything, including black magic. Madhavan begins his quest in order to unravel the mysteries surrounding the death of his brother and this is what leads to the climax of the film. Added to these developments is the presence of two female characters- Thulasimani (Kaniha), who is Kunjunni’s lover and Mithra (Navya Nair), who is Madhavan’s wife.
It’s the story that plays the villain as far as ‘Drona 2010’ is concerned. The other aspects are all fine, but the film wouldn’t appeal either to Shaji Kailas fans nor to Mammootty fans.
Mammootty is good as Kunjunni while he impresses with a mesmerising presence as Madhavan. Thilakan and Manoj.K.Jayan have done a great job. Kaniha and Navya don’t have much to do, but they suit their roles. The others are all good.
Technical aspects
Ekhambaran has done a brilliant work of the cinematography while Don Maax scores with the editing. The film doesn’t have any of those technical gimmicks that are usually seen in Shaji Kailas films, but it’s technically sound.
Background score by Rajamani suits the mood and the tempo (if there is any to speak about), but the song could have been avoided. The film in fact needed no song at all.
It’s the script, by Sajan.A.K, that has worked against the film. It’s all unconvincing and totally gone out of track. The scenes are all well conceived, but there is lack of coherence as far as the totality of the film is concerned. It could have been an impressive movie, had things been handled in a different manner by the script-writer. But for Sajan.A.K, who has scripted many a hit movie, this is not the first instance of a good subject getting derailed on the script side. Remember ‘Lanka’, the film he scripted and directed too?!
Shaji Kailas is in full control of the proceedings, but the subject as a whole and the script seems to have played spoilsport and made it all a wasted effort. No idea why he chose to make such a film…
Overall verdict- Good performances, technically brilliant, but insufferable!

Rating: 1.5/5

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  1. shajieetta,,,,, u r a great director,,,,thangalkku eee pani nirthi,,,valla VARKKA panikku poyikkude,,,,veruthe enthina njanagalude kasu kalayunne

  2. shaji kailasinu oru attam bombittal pore,,,,ingane muriyatha,,,,kathi vechu arakkano…..mammootty shows agin his masterio in making his fans FOOOOLSsssss

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  4. ak sajaaaaaaa pls thaniku ee pani paranjitulathala poi vala barbershopil poi cuttingum shavingum joli cheyaan noku pls ee paavam malayalam preshakarae iniyengilum rakshiku

  5. eanneee ponnuu viewers ….

    ee e janmattu pooyiii kaanalee ! ee padattinuu review nadattan thannee nnannamm aakunnu !

    itoooduuu koodi shaji kaillasinoodulla bahumaanamm mothamm pooyiii !

    mammottiikuu eanganee thoonii ittaaraaa THARA padattinuu date kodukkan !

    satyam parayaaloo ! eandee 60 rs nnaann oru neercha ittaduu poolee aayipooyii ! ….

    nnan Shenoys Ernakulam -( 30-01-2010 ) first show kkaanann pooyadu !

    jeevidattil aadiyam aayittanu oru mammootti filiminii 90% seatsum aalilladee kidakkunaadu nnan kaanunne ! remember film release on 27 – 01 -2010 ( only 3 days )! …

    satyam paranjaall ! Script and story — its all FLOP aannu

    Direction and camera pinnengilumm kollam !

    technical aspectill padam kuzhapam illa ketto o!

    eandaayaalumm its a chance for mohanlal fanz ….. nnanaayii Kooovaaaammmm !

    priyapettaa mammookaa iniyengillum script mothamm vaayichittu venam film select chaiyaann allengill inganee irukkumm !

    Kulattil — Kuzhi — Multiple personalty – — Bootham — praadham ! vasthuu ! ellam onnandaramm THARAyaa !

    oru kariyam parayaan marannu ! …..

    SURAJ kidilannaa kettooo ! …. suraj vannapool matharam aanu ellavarum onnu enjoy chaidaduu ! …

    pinnee ! casting … perfomance of Mammootty — its good ! but not much !

    any how , i expected much more …. but the result was a big zero !

    i give this movie : .05 / 5 rating

    Dont waste ur money !


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