Diamond Necklace Malayalam Movie Review


Diamond Necklace Malayalam Movie Review

Producer- P V Pradeep and L J Films Pvt. Ltd.

Director- Lal Jose

Cast- Fahadh Fazil, Samvritha Sunil, Gowthami Nair, Anusree Nair, Rohini, Sreenivasan etc.

Music- Vidyasagar

Review By : Unni R Nair/ Kerala9.com

Let me begin with a question, a rhetoric question, about ‘Diamond Necklace’. So, whose film is it? Lal Jose’s…or Fahadh’s?  Well, it’s a real good Lal Jose film; it’s the story that’s the star, it’s the screenplay that steals the show, it’s the narrative that holds your interest. At the very same time, it’s Fahadh Fazil, or rather the actor in him, who leaves you wonderstruck. So much of acting potential, at so young an age?! Well well, age is no criterion for talent. So thanks Lal Jose for ‘Diamond Necklace’; and thanks Fahadh for making ‘Diamond Necklace’ so precious a film for any film-goer, err, any sensible film goer.

Let me not dwell too much on the story; it’s totally unpredictable and you don’t know what’s going to happen next. You might have seen so many films that now you can almost predict which scene is going to follow which. You try it out with ‘Diamond Necklace’, but then you understand that the film’s maker is much smarter and not a single scene would turn out to be what you had expected it to be.

Arun (Fahadh) is a young happy-go-lucky doctor working in a hospital in Dubai. He lives the life of the rich- goes about in expensive cars, lives in Burj Dubai (Burj Khalifa), the world’s tallest building, carries a number of credit/debit cards with him and dresses fashionably. But take a close look and you understand that all this is mere show-off- the cars that he travel in get confiscated every now and then, the flat that he lives in is in fact his friend’s, the cards that he uses mostly don’t work and every now and then he gets calls from the Bank asking to clear off his credit card liabilities and loans. He is very much like any other Malayalee working out there in the Gulf. In a sense Venu (Sreenivasan), who hails from Arun’s hometown and who is visibly poorer and lives in the workers’ barracks in Dubai, is much happier and even well off if you get to know things from a different perspective. Arun has as his mentor, guide and friend Dr. Savithri (Rohini), whom Arun calls Akka (meaning ‘elder sister’) and who helps him in every way. It’s then that a new nurse Lakshmi (Gowthami Nair) comes and joins Arun’s hospital. Arun and Lakshmi develop a very close kind of relationship, which gradually turns into love. Arun also comes across Maya (Samvritha Sunil), who is related to ‘Akka’ and who is a fashion designer and who plans to open a boutique in Dubai. In the meantime Arun has to fly back home as his mother gets hospitalized and back home, he is caught in a situation where he has to get married, to Kalamandalam Rajashri (Anusree), a dancer. How these three women- Lakshmi, Maya and Rajashri- shape and influence Arun’s life and how he shapes their lives and how their relationships evolve and what all happens to Arun’s life then on forms the theme of ‘Diamond Necklace’.

What I feel is that ‘Diamond Necklace’ in fact is Lal Jose’s best film till date; it’s his most intelligent film. Of course there are many other Lal Jose films that I like, many that we like to watch again and again, but ‘Diamond Necklace’ is a cut above the rest of them. It’s a multi-layered film, based on a very well-written script. It’s well conceived, well shot and has some brilliant performances as its highlight. The characters stay on in your memory and you wish you get to see such films more often. There are things that seem clichéd and which, you feel could have been done away with, like Sreenivasan’s character for example. But then, you feel the character is very much integral to the plot and that Lal Jose could have handled the character a bit more subtly. Well, despite all this, ‘Diamond Necklace’ is a film that needs to be watched, appreciated and analysed. Hats off Lal Jose and team.


Fahadh seems to be in full form these days. A friend of mine, a critic himself, was saying that Fahadh, through his acting, seems to be taking lessons in acting. He is exploring and at the same time revealing to us the many aspects of acting. He is definitely the main highlight of ‘Diamond Necklace’. The three lead ladies put in great performances. Samvritha is brilliant as Maya while Gowthami, who was earlier seen in ‘Second Show’, simply excels as Lakshmi. Anusree, in her debut role as Rajashri, does her job perfectly well. She is real good. Thanks Lal Jose for introducing yet another talented actress to Malayalam Cinema. The others too do their respective roles perfectly well.

Technical aspects

Hats off to Samir Thahir. He is proving it again and again that he is a cinematographer to reckon with (and of course a good director too, which he has proved himself to be, with ‘Chaapa Kurish’). Well, without Samir, ‘Diamond Necklace’ wouldn’t have been what it is. Good job, Samir. Mohandas on the art side has done a good job and Ranjan Abraham has edited it well.


Vidyasagar has given us some good tunes that jell perfectly well with the theme and the mood of the film.


It’s the well-written script by Dr. Iqbal Kuttipuram that forms the base of this excellent film. He has handled it with all deftness and he also deserves appreciation for the characterization part. Dialogues too are good.


Great work Lal Jose!! (Don’t want to say much, his film speaks for his work. Just go and see it)

Verdict:  Excellent! Multilayered, well shot, well conceived and with great performances.

Rating: 3.5/5


  1. It’s a very good movie – well scripted and executed, somewhat like English movies with some surprising twists. Particularly liked the strong female characters’ depiction each of whom carved their own niche. Also like the cinematography and ‘Nila malare’ song. About Fahad Fazil, well, a lot of people overrate him. He is definitely great for a unplanned young playboy roles like 22FK or this movie but yet to prove in any good character role. Remember, at his age most super stars in Malayalam today were really big with a wide variety or roles and flexibility. Perhaps, in the coming days he’ll prove his worth – at the moment, not many emotions on his face except while handling love and lust.

  2. Wonderful movie. I watched just now..Really touching movie..
    Better than Salt n Pepper, Chaapakurishu etc. I lived in Dubai before and know how life sucks there…

  3. The best movie in recent time.
    I regret for not seeing it on big screen.
    The script is so powerful and Lal Jose did all justice to it. Casting is superb.
    Fahd, Anusree, Samvruta, Gautami, all did well.
    I give full mark to the script.
    In many scenes, actions/expressions speaks better than words.
    Lakshmi’s departure (cannot forget u & cannot hate u) was touching one.
    Maya’s last scene in Himalaya touched me deeply.
    “I dont have regrets about past. Im not anxious about future. I live in present”.
    This attitude Dr. Arun was having. But it did not work good in his life. We need to regret about past and correct it and we need to anxious about future.
    This attitude is best suited for Maya at the end as she does not have any expectation from life. Her parents died, fiancee not interested in her, person whome she loves is already married and any time she may die.
    “I have lived my life.”
    Characters in this film is not leaving me.
    They are still living..
    Master piece work..
    I wonder why no one told me this a very good movie. I should have seen this in theatre..

  4. This to Lal Jose,
    Like many others, I too like your works especially Diamond Necklace (DN).
    To be very frank with u, I felt the whole film was about me, you have captured and portrayed my life through DN.
    At the age of 30+, even after having a good job, I regret for being a poor finical planer and many passing clouds such as Lakshmi, Maya and many such incident in DN. I couldn’t have the loved-one as my life partner, but still my wife loves me a lot.
    Again Thanks LAL JOSE to portray my life…….. Like a restart button in a computer- I wish I had button for my life——

  5. A good movie, i liket his life style, and at the climax even if he doesnt tell i could understand he had a true love towared rima, may he doesnt deserve mercy itwas better if she could give him a last chance to live.

  6. wow…just saw a grt movie.fahad u hav lang way to go man…owsm performance by all…and don’t forget sreenivasan too..
    thumbs up to u lal jose…

  7. After sault and pepper a really good movie…welldone lal sir and shanu..again superb music of lal jose trademark…cngrts vidyasagar…

  8. Nice Movie. Especially Nice Songs. Out of the older thoughts of the Malayalam Songs,.. slow, sleepy… Songs that can make you tap.
    The Movie has an excellent finish. The Action spoke more than a lot of words…. Amazing!

  9. Nice movie…. for those dont have financial disciple in lyf…

    Brilliant movie… Charecters will be there with you even you left movie hall… 100 lyks…..

  10. the film is very gud.the camera section had done the best job.
    gud performance by all.had hit our expectation.thanks to lal jose and team 4 giving us the gr8 movie.

  11. the best malayalam movie in the recent times.towering performance by fahad,samvritha,gowthami and anusree. a must watch

  12. The review is very opt and 100% correct.

    To add-
    the film is educative and gives the following piece of advice.
    1. To lead a life within our limits.
    2. Girls-not to get fascinated by the show of the persons.
    3. To think twice before fixing up the alliance from thsoe employed abroad.
    4. how to lead a life which gives instant sleep ( though not well paid)

    Hats off Lal Jose & Team.

  13. film is fyn…., bt little bit dry at sm moments….., script z gud, hav to improve the sript by including a bit of comedies to make d movi funnyy….
    Music is juz amazing…. Especially nila malare…….,
    Fahad is juz rockinn d whole sessionz…., he’l b a good asset for malayalam film industry…………
    All d bezt diamond necklace team…
    Gud work….


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