Chappa Kurishu Malayalam Movie Review


Movie : Chappa Kurishu

Story , Direction – Sameer Thahir
Produced By – Listin Stephen
Cast – Fahad Fazil, Roma,vineeth sreenivasan,Remya Nambeesan,
Screen play – Unni R , Sameer Thahir
Cinematography – Jomon T John
Music – Rex Vijayan
Media design – Papaya

Review By :Thanseer

The difference between old generation Malayalam filmmakers and new generation is apparent. The new generation moviemakers though imbibe techniques from the west, won’t forget the root and our culture, which when blends bring in an entirely unique product. The movement which started with Big B with Amal Neerad at the helm is going from strength to strength. Like its predecessors, Chappa Kurishu is more about style than narrative.


The film takes place in a black-and-white world in the city of Cochin where the streets are wet, where the distance between rich and the poor are longer than that between a desert and an ocean. The story takes us to the lives of two men, one hapless and the other wealthy; then a phone with some very personal information comes in between them.


Chappa Kurishu produced by Listin Stephen, the producer of Traffic is not an adaptation of any film. The film‘s byline ‘based on a 1000 true stories’ is perfect match to the movie. Subtle acting, natural dialogues, real like fights are admirable, though the film losses its punch somewhere along the line. Ramya Nambeesan, Fahad Fazil and Vineeth Sreenivasan have done excellent work.

The camera by Jomon is aesthetically harsh which reminds us of Mahesh Bhatt’s films. Editing by Don Max is ok. Many f words have been censored.

After Big B and Bridge scenarist R. Unni is back with a script which needs a little more polishing. The film interlaced in romance and need for power must have given artistic satisfaction to its makers. In the beginning, romance was so delightful but later it started to hinder with the pace of the film. Films language is of the common world which every one lives. The characters are vivid and the film talks more with less dialogues.

The film is directed by Sameer Thahir who was the cameraman in Big B. Chappa Kurishu asks clamorously the question to audience if they  have become matured enough to handle films like this, now its audience’s responsibility. Movie lovers and critics will love the film though it may not attract mass audience, who still needs comedy and colorful songs.  The story is timeless, the images vibrant, the acting solid, action raw and mood erotic (at times).

After Salt and Pepper which was another new generation flick, Chappa Kurishu will bring young audience to theatre. This shows the rush of new blood into Malayalam industry, who understand international films and celebrate its aesthetics.

The sepia tone with which the audience carries back from theatre shows the film has a heart and technical artistry. The movie is a must watch for the effort these people have put onto it. Chappa Kurishu is the film for movie buffs which redefine the traditional qualities of a thriller. It will surely be a picture that will be respected and idolized by viewers for its creative elegance, sweeping performances and technical genius.

Look at these guys and you could the future, and it seems to me that our future is bright.

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  1. Quote from the review above “Look at these guys and you could the future, and it seems to me that our future is bright.”

    Yeah our future is bright with a lot of copy cats around… Anwar, Cocktail, Traffic (with scense resembling “Taking of Pelham 123”) and now this… Chappa Kurish. … COPY CATS …..This is our future.

  2. the movie is a copy of the Korean film Handphone, the trailer is the copy of 21 grams, thiyee song is the copy of linkin park leave out all the rest, the catchy tune they used as the ring tone, from kill bill 🙂
    but then, a new bold take 🙂


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