Beautiful Malayalam Movie Review


Beautiful Malayalam Movie Review
Cast: Jayasurya, Meghana Raj, Anoop Menon
Director: V K Prakash
Lyrics: Ratheesh Vegha
Story/Writer: Anoop Menon
Produced By : Anand Kumar

Review By : Thanseer M.A /

Some predictions for 2012

Making a film was a distant dream for many, but this is the time when revolution bangs the film industry. With the arrival of HD digital camera anyone can make a film. By this time next year, I expect at least 150 films to be released and more than that will be waiting in hard disks to be released like genie in a bottle.

Currently Satellite rights are the backbone of Malayalam films. With the arrival of loads of digital films, this will drastically come down, especially for films with less number of stars. In near future, television channels will start producing feature films. More people will get opportunity to work in film industry while the remuneration of stars will skyrocket. New stars will be born

The number of theatres has gone down to just 400+ in Kerala. So even if a film is released it will be changed before it gets noticed. For big producers, there will be no other go, than wide release.  More small theatres with multiplex facilities will be made.


Beautiful is the story of friendship between Steven Louis and John. The protagonist Steven (Jayasurya) is paralyzed except for his head. His positive attitude is what drives him in his life.

India is a land where even copy cats are respected. Most Hindi films are plagiarized; we have people specialized in Malayalam too. The respect we give to these people is also the disrespect or utter lack of reverence to the creators.

Hope Beautiful is an original film.

After Delhi Belly, it has became inevitable to add a fart scene in every new – generation movie. This is followed in Beautiful too. Anoop Menon’s script and dialogues are refreshing as a breeze. Some scenes are connected with scenes from Padmarajan movies.


The difference between film and video is getting erased even in the eyes of fervent film lovers. This was not the case a year ago. Jomon T John has done his job well and took a different approach than his Chappa Kurishu.


With the arrival of Mahesh Narayanan, VKP has studied that using white flash is a banal idea.


Songs and Ratheesh Wega is clever.


After each film, Jayasurya is becoming a better actor. Like Mammootty he changes to the character. Meghna Raj is beautiful as always. Everyone including Jayan needs thumbs up for their performance. Anoop Menon proved his stuff. Tiny tom was good. It seems like; Malayalam is getting many good actors.

Box Office

People have belief in Jayasurya. Many are flocking to theatres. The exam season and steady collection for Swapna Sanchari may hamper ‘Beautiful’, still there is hope for this small movie. The film is shot economically and it seems to be a profitable venture.

Beautiful is a cool clean film. Malayalam has got a director who understands what subtlety is.

Verdict Hit.

 Rating : 3/5




  1. Liked this movie a lot. Sometimes the crisp and short plot remind of some English movie plots. Casting was superb including Tiny Tom in a negative role.


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