Amrita TV To Launch New Serial Sandhya Ragam From May 28th



Sandhya Ragam , Amrita TV’s latest mega –serial to roll off the studios, deals with one of the most popular topics in world literature as well as entertainment- the love triangle. With a story ark depicting an dramatic mix of love, tragedy and moral conflict, Sandhya Ragam is an absorbing portrayal of a three way romantic relationship in which a young woman finds herself entangled between two men, poles apart in their character, but both equally enamored of her; her dilemma as she vacillates between the 2 suitors and how her life changes course when buffeted by this dual love. Going on air from May 28th , it will be telecast Monday to Friday at 8.30 pm every evening.

Directed by Sivamohan Thampi, the half-hour long prime time serial fields the elite of the television acting guild, to bring the characters of the story to life: Mukundan, Yadukrishnan, MR Gopakumar, Prem Prakash, T.S Raju, Anju Aravind, Vijayakumari, Rajeshwari etc.

The central character of the serial is Saudamini a high spirited teenager, enjoying her campus life to the hilt. She didn’t know when Cupid shot his arrow at her and her heart beat its first pulse of love for the handsome college hero Chakrapani. The deeper her affections took root, the more apprehensive she became, for Saudamini had been long aware that she was the object of another passion, stronger and deeper than her adolescent emotion. Prabhakaran was a family friend, an upcoming journalist a few years her senior ,whom she had known since she was in her petticoats. Never by a look or gesture had he ever given a hint as to the complexion of his feelings but with a woman’s intuition Saudamini had sensed the color of his emotions. She found herself torn between the two, both of whom loved her in their own way.

Meanwhile Chakrapani , soon openly uttered those 3 little word that every lover aches to hear. She is swept off her feet by his ardent declaration and decides that he is the man destined for her. Soudamini’s decision dropped like a bombshell on those close to her. It devastated Prabhakaran, shredding his carefully nurtured dreams and infuriated her father and step mother who held Prabhakaran in high regard and had tacitly approved of their alliance.

Prabhakaran had started an evening paper with Vasavan a few years ago, which had picked up very well and was doing flourishing business. Vasavan’s daughter Thulasi too had joined her father’s venture. Prabhakaran found himself drawn to her and a warm friendship developed between them that deepened by slow degrees into fervent love, a relationship that served as a balm for his battered soul. Chakrapani who had nursed acting ambitions, gets a break in films and starts on a cinematic career. Unexpectedly, Saudamini’s father is killed in a car crash and life with her step mother becomes so harrowing that she turns to her paramour for support. To her dismay she meets with a tepid response ;Chakrapani informs her that he is not willing to sabotage his budding career by plunging into marriage .As all avenues close down, in sheer desperation she goes to Prabhakaran as a last resort. Realizing her helplessness he gives her refuge .They start living under the same roof and soon get married.

When he took his vows with Saudamini, Prabhakaran had left Thulasi half way at the alter. His betrayal plagues him with stabs of guilt, even as he stands aghast at the twists of Fate that had upset the measured rhythms of his life. The jilted lover’s continued presence in their midst soon became a prickly issue between the newly weds. Soudamini urges Prabhakaran to sell off his partnership and move on to another publication, but he brushes aside her suggestions. Doubts rear its hood and the relation turns rancid with quarrels and arguments.

Saudamini’s suspicions and Prabhakaran’s remorse snipe away the bonds that linked them.Not even the birth of a child could arrest the tides of their drift and the stormy marriage heads for choppy waters. Prabhakaran turns to his old confidante Thulasi and pours out his woes to her. Saudamini openly denounces him and returns home. Prabhakaran is unmoved and sees it as a god given opportunity to right the wrong he had done to Thulasi .Life gushes along unforeseen routes and just as he get ready to make amends to her, the rhythms of his life are jumbled once again as his baby son is taken ill and is at death’s door…..

The serial reinforces the largely masculine generalization that for a woman, romantic love has two faces: the mature, enduring affection of the dependable father figure and the mischievous, fun n’ laughter brimming younger love. When she encounters the two together, she finds both equally attractive and can’t decide between them, but once she settles on one, she distances herself from the other.

Drawn on a tight canvas of just a handful of characters, the serial plumbs the depth of the universal topic of literature that has never failed to fascinate for the last 1000 years: the love triad. The story delights in the psychological analysis of each character in turn, ploughing through the labyrinthine furrows of the heart to turn over a rich harvest of emotions of love, betrayal, passion and guilt to show that, when the heart takes the bit between its teeth and starts running, reason finds itself unable to grab the reins.

Smitha Sivaji
Amrita Tv


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