ABCD Malayalam Movie Review


abcd malayalam movie

ABCD Movie Review (American Born Confused Desi)

Producer- Shibu Thameens

Director- Martin Prakkat

Cast- Dulquer Salman, Joseph Gregory, Aparna Gopinath, Tovino Thomas, Laloo Aalex etc.

Music- Gopi Sundar

I had reasons to expect ‘ABCD’ to be a loud, enjoyable entertainer. Dulquer Salman’s career graph plus the director Martin Prakkat’s last film (his debut film in fact), ‘Best Actor’, has stirred expectations. But, courtesy a rather poor script, the film fails to rise above the ‘average’ mark. It misses the bus. The subject could have been worked out into a wonderful entertainer; unfortunately it doesn’t and doesn’t leave any kind of a mark on your minds…

The story line is simple. Johns (Dulquer Salman) is the son of Isaac John (Laloo Aalex), an extremely rich businessman based in the US. Born and brought up in the US, the young chap is carefree to the core. He just goes on spending money and is anything but responsible. He has as his close pal Korah (Joseph Gregory), who too is of the same mould. Johns and Korah go on causing trouble and very often land up in police custody, only to be bailed out by Isaac John. But then, the trouble-makers cross limits one day and it becomes difficult for them to stay on in the US. It’s then that the parents decide to send them to India, for one month. Little do the young chaps know that things are not going to be that smooth for them in India. Isaac John wants his son to learn from experiences and get transformed into a responsible guy. (So, you now know what Isaac would be planning for his son and how it would go, from this point!)

Well, that’s it. But the issue is that though the premise is an oft-repeated one and of course a successful one too, Martin Prakkat, Dulquer Salman and company have failed in making use of it, to a great extent. The script gets a bit messy; lots of things could have happened in the story, but nothing much happens. The gags don’t work out that well and the end-part makes no impact at all. It’s neither great humour that you get to see in the film; nor does the story convey anything worth it. Performance side too, I should say, is just so so. But I won’t blame the actors. The writers and the director would have to take the blame…Yes, ‘ABCD’ is just a so so kind of film; the story of the American Born Confused Desi leaves you confused on the main…


Dulquer is good and the character suits him; but the fact remains that he could have performed even better. The director could and should have brought out the actor in him in a better way. I am not at all impressed by Joseph Gregory. As for the heroine, Aparna Gopinath is good, but perhaps any actress could have done justice to the role. Laloo Aalex is his usual self; Tovino Thomas is good.

Technical aspects

Jomon T John takes perfect care of the cinematography; the other technicians render able support.


Music by Gopi Sundar is good; the songs won’t stay in your memory for long…


Script is what plays foil here. The writers- Martin Prakkat, Naveen Bhaskar, Sooraj and Neeraj- could have worked out the subject in a better way and the film would then have been thoroughly enjoyable.


I wouldn’t say the director Martin Prakkat is in full control; well, he isn’t. If he was, he could have made it into a much much better film. Similarly, if he was in full control, he could have brought out the best in the actors. He had done a much better job in ‘Best Actor’, but with ‘ABCD’, that doesn’t quite work out. Better luck next time!!

Verdict- Confused mess to an extent; not up the mark…Just so so!!

Rating: 3.5/5


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