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Kozhi Ada Recipe

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kozhi ada recipie

Have you ever eaten ‘Kozhi Ada’...! If not, don’t waste further time to have it. The snack, which controls the heart of many foodies in the Malabar region, commands a very delicious taste besides having a great piece of importance in the Ramzan season among the Muslim houses. And for the fellows, who are yet to find the experience of having ‘Kozhi Ada’, let’s try it at home this time.

First of all, you need to have these items before entering the cookery session.

1.       Chicken – ½ Kg.

2.       Potato – 6 No (Medium Size).

3.       Carrot – 2.

4.       Onion – 3.

5.       Wheat flour – ¾ Kg.

6.       Curry Masala Powder – 2 Teaspoon.

7.       Chilli Powder – 2½ Teaspoon.

8.       Green Chilli – 25.

9.       Turmeric Powder, Salt

10.   Curry Leaves – according to the need.

And these figures are purely based on the taste of you. For example, if you are of a person, who likes to burst into tears while crunching ‘Kozhi Ada’, then you could increase the number of green chillies to 30 and Chilli Powder to 3 Teaspoon. Or if you don’t like too much heat in food, then you would probably decrease the numbers according to your taste.

Stew the Chicken piece along with salt and turmeric powder in a pressure cooker. Then, cut down the chicken piece into tiny ones. Then, you are expected to stew the potato and grind it. Subsequently, add carrot, onion, curry leaves to the potato pulp. Followingly, add the curry Masala, Chilli Powder to this mush and mix it along with the small chicken pieces.

Remember that, this is just the chicken Masala which you found in ‘Kozhi Ada’. In order to make it into the dish, you would need to roll out some Chappathies along with filling the Masala into it. And finally, fry the Chappathi rolls in oil. Yes..., ‘Kozhi Ada’ is ready. You could now really dedicate the evenings fully to these crispy, appetizing ‘Kozhi Addas’.

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