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Veg Eating Crocodile, Native of Anil Kumble- The Ananthapuram Temple, Attracts Travellers in Many Reason

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the ananthapuram temple

Kerala’s almost all worship places close to the pool. According to the Hindu rituals, the worshipper must to take bath in the morning or evening, before entering in to the temple. But there is rare place in Kerala, in which it is situated inside the temple. One of the most wonderful places in Kerala, Kasargode Ananthapuram temple, is the above mentioned temple which is located inside the pool. So that the believers can enter in the temple with taking bath in the pool, but keeping the temple rituals, temple authorities said.

 Temple is very simple, different and attracts travellers with its greenery. The temple is located in the middle of a green lake spread over an area of approximately two and a half feet. Ananthapuram Temple is situated in Kumblai, Kasaragod district. There is no place for anyone who does not listen to this place and it is the land of famous cricket star Anil Kumble.

Ananthapura Temple is located at a distance of 30 km from Bekal. Kumble is located at a distance of 18 km from Kasaragod. One can also visit this temple from Kasargode to Mangalore. If you are going to Ananthapura Temple from Kasaragod, you can reach Mathura road. The temple is only 13 km away from this temple.

Ananthapur temple and Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram are very close. This temple is considered as the original source of the Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple. The story says that when Loard Vishnu came to worship the Swami in the form of a boy, Swami took him to pooja room. The played some naughtiness with the worship things, the swami scolds him. Then when he was about to go, he said, 'If you want to see me, you must go to Anantha's forest.' Identified by the boy, Swami Balan started walking down the path of divine glory through the direct cave at Vaina. Eventually, Ananthan came to the south of Kerala and swept the divine waters first in the form of Balan and later in the form of Lord Vishnu. The history of Sri Padmanabha begins after that.

Ananthapuram temple is not a stone idol as in other temples. The idols are made using a special coil called 'Kadusarkkara'. Over 64 valuables are a huge crowd of invaluable goods. Among these are the familiar pieces of wheat flour, wax, cinnamon, and jaggery. These bullies have bones and nerves as in the human body. In the early days of 976, the tyrannical idol was immortalized in the form of a statue in the vicinity. But in 1997, it was replaced by a huge idol of Goddess after it was revealed that it was replaced by the idol of the devotees.

The lake has a lot to offer. Legend has it that the Kasaragod Ananthapura Temple was constructed in the 9th century.

The temple is located in prolific lake. It is said that the water level in this lake is not going up. There is a crocodile in the lake to protect the temple, a crocodile crocodile. People call this crocodile as 'babya'. According to the belief, the goddess Varna is believed to be the goddess of Vishnu who maintains the hut of Lord Vishnu. This crocodile is no harmful to humans. The main food of this crocodile is vegetable, which the natives of the temple who offer prayers.

If you walk past the temples in the sanctum sanctorum, then you can go to the nearby Ganapati Kovil. Ganapati Kovil has a Shila idol. This was originally a sacred idol. The lake is clearly visible if the Ganapati goes down in proximity to the temple. If you step down in the dirt side of the boat, you can reach the cave across the rocks. It is the residence of the Baba Crocodile, the guardian of the temple for centuries.

Only a crocodile is in the lake. It is believed that after the rest of its life, the next one will appear miraculously. Sixty-five years ago, the British came to this place and killed the crocodile. On the next day, a baby boy appeared on the lake. Today the lake is like that. The first crocodile is named Babia and the believer is from the father.

The temple and the dry link are a short path. If you cross that path of passions, the first thing is in the face. The mosque is constructed in the manner of reminiscent of the coins. The sanctum is behind the face of the face. The sanctum sanctorium has seven statues. There is nothing like the Padmanabhaswami temple here, the five devotees flock to Ananthan as Lord Vishnu, Sreedevi and Bhoomadevi in both sides of Vishnu. Hanuman and Garudan stand up to the front.

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